My Time At RGU – Lynne

When I started university, I never believed those who said “It’s the quickest four years of your life”. Having graduated two weeks ago, I realise how wrong I was!!


Graduation 1

Of course, university features its highs and lows and I’ll admit I’m terrible at highlighting the negatives and analysing what I should’ve done. I suppose it’s an experience full of life lessons and thankfully this post focuses on the positives from my time studying Fashion Management at RGU.

Creative Art Shoot (1)


I have absolutely loved the Fashion Management course and definitely feel it was the best choice for me due to the theoretical and practical balance. The more creative modules were my favourite as a finished piece of work was produced that we could read, view and share. Within the “Fashion Communication” module, conducting a travel inspired photoshoot at Aberdeen Train Station then having my article about the Scottish Fashion Awards published in the “Prime” magazine was extremely rewarding. Meanwhile, I’ve repeatedly discussed my enjoyment of being involved in producing the “The Digital Fashion Show” with my full Undefined post here.



Other highlights from my time at RGU have derived from the opportunities provided by the Fashion Management course. Experiencing the buzz of a catwalk show at London Fashion Week is something I’ll never forget, while my placement at Godiva Boutique allowed me to develop the crucial skills, setting me up for the big bad world of work! A vintage and ethical boutique based in Edinburgh, my main task at Godiva was organising their Spring Launch Event showcasing the new season collection. I loved this role and the tasks involved, particularly networking with local businesses, press and bloggers while supported by a strong team.


Writing has always been a passion of mine, so I jumped at the chance to contribute to the student blog. Previously, I posted on my own personal blog but lost faith and motivation after putting pressure on myself to create content I thought people wanted to read rather than focusing on what I enjoyed. The student blog has therefore been the creative outlet I needed during fourth year! I’ve felt much more focused as well as responsible for representing the Fashion Management course well. It’s also got me motivated again to reinvest in my own blog.

Amongst the Fashion Management course there is a strong sense of community between students as well as lecturers. Throughout our final year especially, everyone has been brilliant at supporting one another through the various challenges and numerous breakdowns. Blood, sweat and tears has never been so accurate!! The relief and joy you feel the day of your research project hand in, your final exam and your graduation is like no other, made even more special surrounded by the people who helped get you there.

It’s mix of feelings finishing university that I can’t quite describe and in a weird way you even miss the stress and feel guilty for not doing work. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time at RGU studying Fashion Management and could not have imagined doing anything else, with the memories I’ve made times I’ll always treasure.

Thanks for reading,

Lynne xx


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