My Time at RGU –best bits

This week, my time at RGU as a student has come to an end – I will be graduating with a 2:1 in Management with Marketing and I am so proud of myself! The past few years have gone in a flash and I find it funny to look back at my first day and think of how bewildered I was walking onto campus.

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My grades

I have never been a massive fan of exams and coursework and didn’t really push myself that hard in school – Revision is my enemy and I have the attention span of a toddler when it comes to studying. I never really had big exams during college, so when I came to RGU, this is what I dreaded most. However, on the most part I feel proud and surprised at some of the grades I received at RGU, and can honestly say that I pushed and challenged myself to achieve these results. I feel a big part of this success was doing the degree link, but I haven’t been disappointed with my final results in any of the years I have studied here. This is definitely a credit to some of the modules in this course.


My Placement

In third year I attended a placement with the Marketing department at RGU. It was a brilliant experience and I never dreaded going into work each day. I met the best people who were always eager and happy to help me, and was able to gain ample amounts of practical experience. I continued to work alongside them in fourth year which enabled me to focus on the RGU Student blog, and I am thrilled to say that I have accepted an offer to work for RGU’s marketing team after graduation. I am really looking forward to remaining within the team, and appreciate the opportunity they have given me. All in all, I have to say the placement scheme at RGU is really worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone considering RGU..


My Friends

When I was at college I met my two best friends who I know I could not have done the experience without. They definitely made my time at RGU amazing and we have made so many good memories to show for it. We have all helped each other through the best and the worst of times, from crying that we might not meet the deadline, to our computers crashing the day before hand in, to our celebrations when we got our results each year. I can proudly say that we’ve all done well and I cannot wait to graduate with these two girls.


Handing in my thesis

That day was honestly EUPHORIC! Nothing will ever beat the feeling of binding those pieces of paper, that you literally poured your soul into. I will never forget my thesis for various reasons; the sheer energy and time it takes, the tears, and the amazing feeling that came with submission. It was definitely hard work, and something all first years should think about.


Getting my final results

I was on edge that day to say the least, as you feel like you are in this big bubble until you get them. When I finally did, I burst into tears from utter relief. I was on holiday at the time, so to say these results were either going to make or break them was an understatement. Turns out they made the holiday and made being away so much better as I could really enjoy my time away knowing I had graduation to come back to soon. I came back home to celebrate with family and friends, who all helped me through it, including my small dog Lucy who kept me company through all the revision and late nights.

So there you have it…my best bits of my time at RGU! What are your favourite memories of RGU? All past and present students can share their memories on social media with the hashtag #RGUGRAD.

Thanks for reading,
Katie x

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