Preparing for graduation

So soon I will be graduating from RGU hopefully with a degree in Management with Marketing. The last three years with RGU have been amazing and I will be graduating with fond memories as my time as a student. As it is a month until graduation there are a few details I am considering in preparation for the big day and you should too!


I’m sure all of you will have received the email about registration for graduation. You will find it in your student email and possibly in your private email address. If not you can find more information about registration on the RGU website. Here you sign up and request your tickets and pay your £40 graduation fee. Make sure you get this done in plenty of time.

Tues11am 43


A link will be shown in your email to hire your graduation gown, hood and cap. You have to enter your measurement so make sure you get it done in plenty of time. The type of academic dress you need will depend on your degree, but this can be found on the RGU website too. Gown hire will open two hours before the start of the first ceremony each day and will remain open until 1730.

Dress for the occasion.

It states on the RGU website that –
“Under the gown, male students should dress in dark suits and white shirts. Female students should dress in black or white dresses, skirts or trousers and blouses. Alternatively, national dress (including the kilt, with any style of jacket) may be worn. You should arrive at the ceremony wearing the academic dress.”

I still need to find a dress for graduation so will be scavenging the shops soon enough! As for heels, they will be a short and as comfy as possible for me! I do not do well with heels and wouldn’t dare walk on the stage wearing high heels – for me that just screams disaster. However, for those brave enough to wear heels higher than 3 inches, I salute you.


Two tickets are allocated per person, (you can request up to 6 tickets) the student doesn’t need to book one for themselves. Tickets can be collected on campus 10 days before graduation so keep your eyes peeled for an email, if you haven’t requested for them to be sent to you.



As the graduations are usually at the HMT or Beach Ballroom you will see a sea of people heading for the union terrace gardens or the esplanade to take photos for hours. Photography can get busy before and after graduation ceremonies, therefore it is recommended to get photographs taken during other ceremonies. This will limit waiting time. Your individual and / or family photographs are displayed on screen for your approval before being saved. When selection is completed, you are given a receipt to keep with your image reference number. Be sure to get plenty photos with your friends, I know I will be. Beware of the flying caps though!

Booking for food after

If you are planning to celebrate afterwards with friends and family and you are looking for somewhere to go for a special occasion meal you should book ASAP as places will be booked up on the day, especially in Aberdeen city centre! I booked about a month ago just to be sure as I will be having a big family meal that night.



Prepare everything you need for graduation and make sure you are on time – you should aim to at least be 1 hour early.

Extras that you may be interested in –

Do you have an interesting ‘student journey’ story to tell? Make sure you get in touch with the Communications Office prior to graduation.

Find out what the Alumni Network, Library Service and Careers Centre can offer you on the lead up to an after graduation.

Additional info can be found on the website!

I hope everyone is proud of their results and I look forward to seeing you all at graduation!



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