Transitioning from college to RGU via the Degree Link

In my previous blog posts, I mentioned that I was one of the students that went on the Degree Link programme which allowed me to complete my HND in Advertising and PR and directly enter a relevant degree at RGU

The relevant degrees available to me were PR or Media and as you can see I decided Media was better suited to me. I was never really keen on PR and I really like the creative aspects of media and thought it would suit my personality and skill set more.

One thing I was thinking about was the transition from college to RGU – Would I fit in? Would the workload be way more than the college workload? Would the classes be extra difficult and would I have no clue what the classes were even asking me? These were some of the questions that I had going round in my head. It may be surprising but the transition in reality was so much better than I expected. I fit right in my classes and some of the knowledge and experience I had gained through my college courses helped me in some of the class discussions and ultimately my assessments for these classes. I actually felt I was better prepared than others in the class but I was still learning in these classes so I wasn’t bored by getting the same information/material I did at college.


The workload wasn’t too bad either, I would say they were the same as college. Sure there is a lot of work needed to complete but I didn’t find it too overbearing and I didn’t feel like I was lost in class either.

The transition from college to RGU was so smooth, it just felt so much more relaxed in the way classes were taught and the freedom you get from your lecturers means that usually you get on well with them. If there were any difficulties that you had with anything, they are definitely approachable.

So whether you are still deciding what your path is or whether you have already been accepted and anticipating the transition from college to RGU, don’t worry – your transition will hopefully be as smooth as mine and as soon as you walk into campus you will fit right in, in no time!

Ashleigh 🙂

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