Thinking About the Royal Wedding

The Royals are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. Regardless though, the Royal Wedding is a good excuse for a get together with friends and to judge everyone’s wedding outfits!

Throughout my undergraduate degree (I studied Events Management), whenever you told someone you were an events student, the automatic response was “Ooh, are you going to be a wedding planner?” ….. NO. First of all, there’s more to events than wedding planning and second of all, dealing with a bridezilla? No thank you! Weddings are great and all that, and who doesn’t love seeing their grandparents cutting shapes on the dancefloor after a long day of celebrations, but organising someone else’s wedding gives me the fear. Could you imagine the pressure and what if you RUINED someone’s wedding?!

Whilst I definitely feel prepared enough to organise a wedding, a Royal wedding is a whole other kettle of fish! Imagine the security for a start. When Prince Harry visited us here at RGU in 2016 it was like a secret operation – with undercover security, bin sweeps and never being told the correct time of his arrival. And that was just for a short visit to a University! I can’t even begin to imagine the extent of the security operations at the wedding and that alone is enough to give me a sore head before we even start to think about catering, flowers, photography, a band and everything else that’s involved.

HRH Prince Harry RGU visit_436-(ZF-9429-13921-1-001)

Prince Harry Streetsport at RGU, Sept 2016

What I’d rather do is organise a big Royal Wedding celebratory party – how much fun would that be? Now I know this might not be some peoples idea of a celebration, but who really needs an excuse to sit about and eat cupcakes all day? Definitely not me!

Being a big fan of the TV show Suits (and helping to organise Prince Harry’s visit to RGU), I feel somewhat invested in the wedding. Although, in true student style, my TV doesn’t have an aerial, so stalking photos of the dress afterwards will have to do for me unfortunately. I suppose it also means I have no excuse not to finish my dissertation proposal.

If you’re celebrating, think of me as I write up my references and lets hope no-one falls over!

Congratulations Harry and Meghan!


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