MSc Digital Marketing Insight into Student Learning – Karen Morgan

As I covered in my first post, I am studying MSc Digital Marketing. To give you a little insight into what the course covers, I am going to tell you more about our project for the second semester.


This semester the MSc Digital Marketing students have been working on building a new landing page called The Digital Scoop which is part of the the existing Digital Scot website.

Students have been interviewing experts from the digital marketing industry and developing their skills in promotion and production. The interviews are available on a podcast and you can listen and learn about their insights and knowledge of working in the digital marketing industry. The podcasts can be found on The Digital Scoop landing page.

The students have been split into four teams –  promotion, website and UX, communications and production. The promotions team have been contacting bloggers and influencers who may be willing to promote the new website on their blogs and social media channels. RGU internal communications have offered articles in RGU Radar Magazine, as well as the TV screens next to the RGU Union. This project gives students the opportunity to explore the making of a digital campaign and to be involved in a real life scenario of working in the digital marketing industry.


The production team have been filming guest lectures and interviewing industry experts who can give insight into their careers and experience. Students are learning to work with camera equipment and editing software which are skills that are transferable to the workplace. The Digital Scoop branding has been created by the production team. It encompasses a logo in the shape of an ice cream to represent the scoop element of the project title.

Scoop White Logo

The communication team are in charge of all the social media channels ran by The Digital Scot. This is where the posts will be placed for the latest news on The Digital Scoop. They have been live tweeting about guest lectures, writing two blog posts a week and posting content on social media to promote the project.

The Website and UX team have designed and implemented personal profiles for each member of the class. This involved coding each profile page and maintaining the content of the website.

Find out more about the Digital Scoop and listen to our podcasts.

You can also follow us on our social media pages:

Facebook – TheDigital Scot

Twitter – thedigitalscot

YouTube – The Digital Scot


Karen Morgan

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