USP’s of MSc Digital Marketing at RGU – Karen Morgan

Why study at RGU? What are the unique selling points of being a student at RGU and why  should you choose MSc Digital Marketing? Here are a few considerations that makes RGU stand out from the crowd.


RGU is known for a large number of students finding employment soon after graduating and one of the reasons for this is the placements that the RGU Placement office help find for students. They have a great network of various industry experts who have had very positive experiences of taking on students. The placement process provides students with a life-long skill of conducting the interview process and the careers service is equipped to offer great advice for writing the perfect C.V.

Options for Studying

The MSc Digital Marketing course is available to study full time, part time and as individual modules. Full time involves two modules per semester with online exercises, workshops, presentations and lab tutorials. Class room scenarios include discussions, group activities and individual work. Part time learning involves one module per semester with a mix of online and in-class learning. This takes strong motivation and good time keeping, however, there have been successful part time students previously.


I think the Digital Marketing course at RGU is cost-effective in terms of teaching resources, network of clients built up over the years and job prospects, even before graduating many previous students have gained internships and full-time jobs based on the fact that they have studied this course.

Live clients

The lecturers from the course have worked hard to network with industry experts who have presented guest lectures to students. For example, Julie Brander from Weber Shandwick and Neil Weightman from Weightman Digital. Local small businesses have also provided students the opportunity to develop a digital marketing campaign with a prize of getting to implement the campaign for the client.

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

MSc Digital Marketing at RGU is accredited by the Institute of Digital Marketing which means this course is globally recognised as an official Masters in the subject.

The Digital Scoop

During the course this year, the students are taking on a practical project where they are interviewing digital marketing industry experts. Listen to the interviews on the Digital Scoop and read their blogs about the behind the scenes action. The Digital Scoop is part of The Digital Scot website.

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Karen Morgan

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