The Framework of Design: Celebration and Afterthoughts.

With our exhibition coming to an end, we decided to celebrate it with everyone last Thursday at Bon Accord. Initially, we planned to have an opening night instead but had to cancel it due to the unexpected weather conditions.

Many of our school’s lecturers attended the event, where third year lecturer Theodoros Dounas gave a heartwarming speech commending our efforts. Other esteemed guests also came, including the Duchess of Fife, the client of last semester’s design project. She too expressed her admiration at the exhibition’s composition and the showcased work.

Overall, this exhibition was a remarkable eye-opener. We got to speak to many members of the public and listen to what they think about architecture and our ever-changing skylines. We met everyone from former Scott Sutherland School students to police wardens! Each one of them had something to say, something to express, proving just how much architecture shapes peoples’ lives and affects society as a whole. From little changes like fixing a water fountain to major ones like building the new port, architects have a social responsibility towards people. In fact, architecture is for the people. As a result, speaking to the public widened our eyes and made us aware of these responsibilities.

We can only hope that we fulfill them one day and give back to our community.

Thank you for embarking with us on this amazing journey; we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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