The Framework of Design: Update and Competitions

So, did you check our exhibition over at Bon Accord? Yes? Awesome (we hope you liked it)! No? Well, you may have missed a thing or two, but look no further! Here is an updated blog just for you!

As mentioned in the previous blog, our exhibition featured many hands-on activities for the public to try, including one for school students! We were so thrilled to host an activity competition for them; each of the schools booked a certain time slot in which the students were divided into groups. They were to compete against each other and the other schools. albyn 2

The rules were simple: build the highest, sturdiest, most amazing tower with the most architectural materials of all, tape and spaghetti! The students were indeed facing a strenuous challenge, for only the most skillful and dexterous craftsmen can master the refined art of making spaghetti towers. If not handled with care, spaghetti breaks, and each group has only 20 sticks! But a tower is no good if it can’t stand. Upon completion, each structure’s stability was to be tested by placing a weight on its top, a heavy, elephantine marshmallow! But that is not all; to make it more challenging, students had to build the tower in under 30 minutes! (No, we’re not evil, promise!)

And so the contestants embarked on their frightful quest, the clock ticking away every second. There is no room for mistakes, for the cost can be very high…

albyn schoola

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and we have a winner! One group from Albyn school broke the record with a 68 cm high tower, successfully passing the dreadful marshmallow test! Congratulations, Albyn School! We are working hard to come up with a prize for you, but for now, you can eat the marshmallow.


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