My first two weeks of class – Ping

29 Jan 2018 was a big day! After 20 years, I went back to school as a full time student!

The class is big. I guess more than 30 students. On my first day I said hi to the two who enrolled the same day as me. One student is from Brazil and one student is from Oman. The funny thing is the student from Brazil came to Aberdeen on the same flight as me. He recognised me because my sister and I looked so excited.


On the second day of school, it was the BSM804 Body of Knowledge class. It is a class only with MSc Project Management students. It is a really intensive class! There are four of us from all around the world – Oman, Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya and Hong Kong.

We all exchanged numbers and created a group chat called ‘the little 4 of MSc Project Management’.

On the third day, it was BMS084 Project Fundamentals class. In this class, we needed to make decisions on our elective class. One of my classmates already made up her mind to do supply chain management and the other two classmates wanted to do the oil and gas module. I however, was still unsure what to choose. Alison, the instructor is very nice; she discussed what would be involved in quality management and how online learning works. I made up my mind and started reading the material on Thursday and submitted my first activity on Friday. It is a nice class which helps me keep thinking of how my old job could do better with quality management concepts.


The first week of class passed very fast.

On Monday of the second week, we were still the little four who worked very close together. When we saw the long reading list of each class, we knew we needed to work hard. I always think RGU’s mentor / buddy system is very good. In this week, we received help from the class rep of the September intake. She told us how to read the journals faster and guided us on alot things. We joined the study skills class together which teaught us how to read assignment questions, critical thinking, efficient reading and referencing.


This week we started thinking what activities we could do together. One of my classmates arranged to do something in the city, I couldn’t join because I was away celebrating Chinese New Year. However, I know they all had fun because we are no longer the  little 4 anymore, our class has expanded to 10 students in week 3. We are the amazing ten now. I will be sure to join our second class activity next time!



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