My first impressions of RGU

My first impressions of RGU in three words were exciting, huge and energetic. I first saw RGU in September last year and I actually was amazed at how big the campus was. I thought college was really big but there’s no comparison. Finding my way around was surprisingly easy as there are signs everywhere and if you are ever confused, there is usually someone going about to ask or double check you are in the right. Normally I would feel quite nervous and anxious in case I walked into the wrong room or got lost, but I felt relaxed and found where I was quite easily.


Another bonus is there are plenty of opportunities at RGU to help expand your skills and CV. There are many societies in RGU that you can join and be involved with; whether you like sports or games – there is always something for you if you want to join. If there is a society that hasn’t already been created – you can create one and petition for it to be adding to the RGU Union. Another thing that I like about the societies is that there are some country specific societies people have set up, so international students can meet people from the same country as them. I feel this is a great way to help students settle in their new place and meet people who know the same language and make them feel more comfortable in general. Although I am from Aberdeenshire I feel that it is a great aspect to RGU and I am glad there is an opportunity for students to come together.


One place that really sticks out to me is the library in the Sir Ian Wood building. Although it’s not in my building I would recommend to go there when you get a chance. The library is located on the 5th floor of the Sir Ian Wood Building and it is so high tech – I didn’t even know that a library could be so technologically advanced! Borrowing books is very simple and the librarians are always so helpful if you are stuck or have a query about using the library facilities.

My first impressions of RGU are extremely positive and I couldn’t think of a better place to study and enjoy my studying. They are very student-oriented and always have them in mind especially when there are different opportunities coming up at RGU. So far, I have joined two societies and I feel like they are suited to me especially considering that I am from Aberdeenshire and travelling to Aberdeen can be a pain for me. If you are debating about coming to RGU, I would definitely recommend coming here as you will fit right in and everyone is so helpful. There is always something popping up and just round the corner in RGU and the opportunities really are worth looking into. I couldn’t see myself in a different university and I feel I have definitely made the right choice by sticking by my local university and the course that I have chosen – I don’t think I could of picked anything better.


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