Corner Tree Café – Aberdeen

PLEASE NOTE – The content of this post is purely the views of student blogger Neha only. RGU does not endorse or recommend any particular restaurants for cafes.

As my course came to an end, all the students were heading back to their homes. I had some close friends in various disciplines other than my respective course. This is the beauty of getting into university that you meet lots of new people, come across different cultures as RGU has always had a global environment

Sunday Brunch:

A friend of mine from Ireland is really fond of local cuisine and cafés. She had a list of cafés she wanted to visit before leaving Aberdeen. It was Sunday and we had returned from our morning running session. We decided to meet in a couple of hours at our regular meeting place and walk down to Corner Tree Café for Sunday Brunch.

It is located at the corner of Whitehall Road on Aberdeen’s west end. The decor of this café is very pleasant and stylish. It has quite an extensive menu for lunch including soups, sandwiches and sweets.

Generally, your order is placed at the counter and then the food is served at the table. We had decided to try Panini’s, one vegetarian and another non-veg. They have comparatively varied vegetarian menu as well. The food was excellent, good proportions and at a reasonable price.

Staff are lovely & friendly and the service is extremely efficient. This place has a relaxing vibe. There is another room inside the café which is a gift shop. Although, we didn’t explore it, but it looked very beautiful.


They had added amazing new additions to the menu for those who have a sweet tooth. We ordered Lemon cake and freshly baked scones as take away.

My friend had a pot of tea and we enjoyed uninterrupted chat in the privacy of our own space and ended up spending almost two and half hours chatting. This was a great find for me. It is a hidden but lovely place. Wish I knew about it before!


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