Introducing Ashleigh

Hi there, I am Ashleigh and I study Media at Robert Gordon University. I came to RGU in September after studying at North East Scotland College for 3 years.

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do during school but I  wanted to pursue something in German or History. However when it came to choosing my 5th year choices, I was disappointed that I couldn’t get all my highers within my fifth year because I could either choose History or German and not both. After this, I decided to leave at Christmas time in 2013 and applied to do digital media at college at NC level. One of my personal interests is video games and so I thought I would pursue a career in digital media and computer software with the hopes of heading to University of Abertay to study games development and design.


However, again this didn’t work out as I knew I didn’t want to move away from the Aberdeenshire area so after successfully completing my NC in digital media I decided to apply for HND Advertising and PR at North East Scotland College. I have always really been interested in media and advertising and after having a chat with my personal college tutor, I decided to apply for it.

So there I was in college, starting my HND Advertising and PR course. I was excited as I have always been a hardworking student who takes the time to study effectively and achieve high results. This would be going into a sector that I hadn’t been in before. I really enjoyed Advertising and PR and the skills I gained throughout. Even though my digital media course was technically in the computing sector instead of the business sector, I feel I had the upper hand at the creative aspects during projects and assessments. Learning about the different aspects of campaign development, marketing, European media and all the other modules was exciting for me. As I progressed through I felt that I really found my passion and I was relieved at knowing that this is what I wanted to do.



The Degree Link was something that I had put to the back of my mind as every time I thought about it, I got super excited for the future. By December 2016, I was buzzing to get my university applications sent away and constantly checking my emails for any updates on offers. As I said before, I knew that I definitely wanted to stay in the area so my choice of university was pretty much set in stone in my head and especially using the Degree Link, I was hopeful that I would get a place. It was a bonus for me to get directly into third year in either media or PR as it meant that I would be at the same level of my classmates who continued on at school doing highers and advanced highers. Still, seeing the email that I had my offer of a conditional place was overwhelming. I immediately accepted it.

The time rushed by and I finally stepped through the doors of the School of Cultural and Creative Business on the 28th of September 2017. I was shocked at how technologically advanced the university was in comparison to the college and school – especially the library  at the Sir Ian Wood building. I was really glad that after all the career changes in such a short time I had ended up being where I always wanted to end up – at university. Now I was pursuing a career I enjoy and knew I could learn so many different aspects of business and the media sector. The Degree Link was quite a new thing when I was at college – it had only been available for a few years and until it was recommended to me I never knew something like that could be available to me – but I am glad it was.


However, despite how exciting university was, I feel like doing courses at college really boosted my confidence and allowed me to be more outgoing and comfortable within my skill set. I was very shy, being an only child this affected me throughout my primary and secondary school life but as cliché it may sound, college managed to help boost my confidence in more ways that I could imagine. It actually prepared me for something big like university. For a lot of people, university is scary and exciting, however I never felt the scary aspect and I feel that the reason for that was because I took the college route. I feel university will do the same for me and definitely prepare me for the world of work and I can’t wait for whatever happens in the future.

Until next time,

Ashleigh 🙂


  1. Hi Ashleigh,

    I am the lady taking blog picture together with you last week. University is always a good place to add value and explore the area we like! you make a right decision. I am sure you will learn a lot and well-prepared for your next step with RGU!



    1. Hi Ping,

      Apologies for the late reply, I hope you are enjoying university as much as I am 🙂 I have already learned lots after just coming to the end of third year!

      Kind Regards,



      1. Hi Ashleigh
        I do good and with great journey with RGU. I will continuing my blogging here which I stop a while cause of the coursework and public exam. Hope you do well too.


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