My first 30 days in Aberdeen: Home Searching Journey

Ping is from Hong Kong and started studying MSc Project Management in January 2018.

Time files. Today is Jan 31. I have been in Aberdeen for a month.

My first home in Aberdeen is Copthorne Hotel at Huntly Street which I stayed there for 12 days. The first week I was busy viewing houses which I arranged before I came.

10 apartments viewed within 5 days. Average 2 apartments per day!

How did I arrange everything before I arrived?

The buddy system at RGU is very good. Before I came, my buddy Mario answered all my silly questions; e.g. safety of Aberdeen,  which mobile phone provider should I go with?, which street is good for living; etc.

Mario told me the best areas to look at for a flat, I started searching accommodation via Rightmove, Citylet, Sparerooms Apps and RGU: Rightmove before I came.

The first three days were very tiring because I walked to the selected apartments on foot. You may wonder why?

It’s because I wanted to see the neighbourhood I was going to live in and how far it would be to the city centre and to uni. I measured how far it took to walk compared to how much it would cost me to travel by bus every day.


Also, we needed to examine the house to see if the condition was good or not. Does the rental include other expenses; e.g. gas, electricity and WIFI; etc. How much security deposit is needed? Many things that must be taken into consideration.

Finally, I chose the one with 20 mins walk to school and signed the contract for my flat through an agency. I like my mini apartment as it’s close to uni and Duthie Park.

On the 10th, I left the Copthorne Hotel to get on a Mega bus as I  headed to Glasgow for 5 days fun before moving into my new mini warm home!


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