World Nutella Day – My Tasty Recipes

On February 5th it will finally be the eagerly awaited Nutella Day! For Nutella fans out there, here are a few sweet treats you can rustle up! Perfect for when you are sat at home studying, especially those focussing on your thesis!!


Nutella toast

Here’s a simple one for the oven fearing student… toast!!! Everyone loves toast?!

Why not amp up the plain Nutella on toast by adding your favourite fruit? I like to add bananas and strawberries to mine, the perfect way to add to your 5 or is it 10 a day?


Nutella covered pancakes

With Shrove Tuesday coming up there are loads of pre-made pancake mixes like Betty Crocker. All you need to do it is add water to the mix, pour into a buttered frying pan or griddle and let them sizzle away. Don’t forget to flip! Once they are done you can slather them in Nutella and ice cream, roll them up and tuck in!

French toast

Take a slice of bread, mix 1 egg with half a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of sugar, dip the bread into the mix and pop into a frying pan. Keep turning until the bread is a lovely brown colour and cooked both sides. Slide onto a plate, melt some Nutella and pour generously over the toast, dust with icing sugar and serve with your favourite fruit.


Nutella Brownies

These are perfect for a tea break from revision – A great recipe for Nutella brownies is from Sally’s baking addiction! They are lovely gooey and extremely addictive! Chocolate lovers beware of this sweet treat as once you have one you’ll be going back for more. Take a look at the recipe online, you need a little more ingredients and they take a bit more time but they are so worth it!

The combo…

One of the best things ever is Reeces Pieces and that’s just a fact. Combine some peanut butter with Nutella and spread onto toast, crackers, pancakes.. it’s amazing trust me!

oatmeal pancake

Nutella oat pancakes

Take a cup of oats, add  1 banana and mash them together with 1 (heaped) tablespoon full of Nutella and 200ml of almond milk. Heat a frying pan, add some butter then fry them on a low heat until they are cooked on both sides. Serve with some more Nutella and fruit!


Chocolate ice cream with Nutella sauce!

This is a super sweet treat but is sooo good! Take 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and mix in a large bowl with 1 tablespoon of Nutella. Stir together until smooth and then place in a freezable container for 1 hour. To make the chocolate sauce take one tablespoon of Nutella and 1 scoop of icecream, pop in the microwave or place on the hob and let them melt together, stir the sauce and there you have it! A delicious gooey, Nutella sauce. Take the ice cream out the freezer, scoop out and place into a bowl and top with sauce. You can freeze the sauce for another time .. if there is any left that is!

hot choc

Nutella hot chocolate

This is sooo easy and so delicious, the perfect comfort for a cold night! All you need is some milk and 2-3 scoops of Nutella. Heat milk in saucepan until is begins to simmer, add Nutella and whisk until smooth and creamy. Turn the heat down and pour into your favourite mug! Add some whipped cream and spinkle on some cocoa power! Yum!


Nutella fondue

Here is a perfect dessert if you are having friends round for a film or after dinner. It’s super easy and quick and really cheap too! All you need is 1 cup of Nutella and 1 cup of single or double cream… I never said it was super healthy. Melt these two in a pan and serve with fruit, marshmallows and some sweet pretzels. Sooo good!

Find out more about Nutella Day on their website and follow the hashtag #WORLDNUTELLADAY


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