Winter Graduation 2017 – Athira

I am excited to return to the RGU student blog after nearly four months. I have used this blog to describe my various experiences as a student at RGU, so it was only fair to return one last time to describe the very special day of my graduation ceremony.

athira friends
Our university gave us a scottish experience, complete with bagpipe players, and a little prayer to remind us what we were gathered for. The ceremony took no longer than 90 minutes, of which I was only on stage for roughly 15 seconds. But in the time it took me to walk from one end of the stage to another, I went from holding a Bachelor’s degree, to holding an MSc degree. In that moment, all the stress, sleep deprivation, and hard work leading up to that day seemed absolutely worth it. I was thankful for all the support and encouragement I received from loved ones near and far. I spent a good time of that day missing my mum and dad who were unable to make it to the ceremony. But I had the opportunity to meet the parents of my friends, who showed me so much love in the little while I spent in their company.

athira cap
In my short, but eventful year at RGU I have tried my best to take in as many student  experiences as I could. From writing a blog, to joining the university kickboxing club, and even being certified in Scottish Mental Health First Aid course — there is no dearth of opportunities at RGU.
In conclusion, I would like to thank my parents for pushing me to achieve everything I could ever dream of. They have stopped at nothing to give me a good life and upbringing. In this one year, I have shared all my stress and anxiety with them, to the point where they might as well claim this MSc degree as their own. I dedicate this degree to them and their endless love from halfway across the world.



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