Back at uni – My first semester of fourth year

It’s been a while since I have last updated everyone about my course. Last year as some of you might know, I began a placement with the RGU Marketing team as a copywriting assistant. It was an amazing year and it went in the blink of an eye. Now I am back at university studying Management with Marketing, and have already finished my first semester.

RGU Schoolhill

When I finished my placement, my supervisor asked me if I would like to stay on part-time, which I was over the moon about. This meant that I could still do what I did the year before, while also continuing with my studies. We had also recently moved from the office in Schoolhill to the Garthdee campus so I don’t have to travel from class to get to work, I am already technically at work !

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So the semester began, it was really weird. I was so excited to get back into student life, but most of all I was excited to reconnect with my friends that I hadn’t seen much while I was working. Going back to 9am lectures, buses, tutorials, notebooks, laptops, studying and most importantly…EXAMS. It was surreal and it threw me for a bit as I was so used to my 9-5 job where I had just become so used to the routine. Nevertheless, it took me all of one week to get back into student life, pulling all nighters with reports, having long lies and manically trying to make it to class without anyone noticing I am 5 minutes late.

Fourth year is a different scene altogether. If you think you can slack off in the slightest, you are wrong. If you miss anything, tutorials, lectures, even Moodle (virtual learning environment) updates you are already behind. I don’t want to scare anyone but it’s true. You only have one year left, make it count. Get in touch with your supervisors, get involved in the online forum discussions on Moodle and seek advice from your lecturers. Everyone is here to help you get through the year. Coming out the end of this semester has taught me this and I hope to improve my communication about my coursework in semester 2.

Now that’s the scary part is out the way and I have well and truly warned you all, I can talk about my course.


Along with the thesis module, there are various modules in semester 1 for Marketing such as; Consumer Psychology, Business Strategy and International Branding. These were really interesting and taught me a lot about industry. My lecturers are really helpful and they provide you with lots of opportunities to ask questions. They also encourage that you use the forum on Moodle for discussion, this is mostly so you can ask questions amongst yourselves and everyone can get the answer instead of individually.

The last month has mostly been about my coursework, I haven’t had much time for anything else and my supervisors at work have been totally understanding. This semester has gone in a flash, I can’t believe it’s only one more semester and then I am done. I am going to savour being a student for as long as I can (especially the discount).

To my fellow fourth years – Good luck for next semster! We’re almost there!!!



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