Introducing Jana

Hello people! Welcome to my blog! My name is Jana, I’m a 20-year-old Journalism student who came to Aberdeen from the Czech Republic.


Studying abroad has been my dream. I first began to study English outside of school and I explored the magic of the language books, films and television series. Once I passed my English language exam, I successfully graduated and started my Scottish university adventure at RGU!

I’ve always been quite ambitious, had big dreams and believed in miracles. I love travelling and if it was for free, you would probably never see me again. I’m so thankful that my mum has always helped me to travel and supported my decisions however crazy they’ve been! Apart from travelling, I really enjoy blogging, filming videos, photography, drawing and anything creative.

Journalism is definitely the course for me. The course has a practical and creative focus. We are taught to work with cameras, audio recorders, and have many opportunities to step out of our comfort zone, interview people on different topics and work on interesting group projects. There are some modules I enjoy more than others, which has shown me the direction I want to follow.

I played basketball for 7 years and loved it (RGU also hs its own basketball team), but nowadays I do sports like yoga, running and snowboarding in the winter. I enjoy spending evenings over a nice book or watching television. Living on my own has also made me enjoy trying out new recipes and experimenting over the kitchen counter.

I really hope you’ll enjoy my blogs and I can’t wait to share more with you!


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