What Is Fashion Management All About?

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I want to give you, the reader, a better insight into the Fashion Management course at RGU. Studying this course has allowed me to gain and develop a wide range of transferable skills relating to fashion and business.

Notebook (2)

So far, I would say that from first to third year the course goes from practical to more theoretical. In first year, the only pure business course is ‘Marketing’ where you learn the basics of targeting a consumer. My favourite module was ‘Fashion Business’ as it’s all about the history of fashion and how external factors such as changes in society have impacted how we dress. I loved going through the decades and seeing how past trends have been revitalised in today’s markets. Another favourite of mine was ‘Store Design and Visual Merchandising’ which involved creating our own display for The Fashion Place window below…

Other fashion focused modules included ‘Fashion Design Concepts and Communications’, which explained the design process from start to finish, and ‘Fashion Retail’, where we explored the industry as it appears on the high street. ‘Managing in the Creative Industries’ was a little bit different as we worked with ‘PR’ and ‘Events Management’ students to create and run charity stalls. This gave a great insight into how different industries and their skills link in a working environment.

LFW Trend Catwalk Show (21)

In second year, I felt more settled and prepared for the year ahead especially as you can get the chance to go to London Fashion Week. A highlight of the entire course has to be ‘Fashion Communication’ where as a class we created our own fashion magazine. Keep an eye out for a full post all about this module with its many elements. I’m also planning to do a post on the PR module and how what I learnt was carried through into the real world, working at a PR company.

Following on from first year, ‘Advertising and Consumer Behaviour’ broke down the ‘Marketing’ module into the sectors many areas. I particularly enjoyed ‘Consumer Behaviour’, investigating the motives behind how we shop, so much so I’ve opted to study ‘Consumer Psychology’ in fourth year. Also consumer focused was ‘Design for Client’, where we had to create a collection in Photoshop following a specific brief. Meanwhile, ‘Omni-Channel Fashion’ was a more technical module dissecting the supply chain and logistics process.

Third year has obviously been the most challenging yet mainly because you have so much choice. You can do either: a semester abroad, a year long, twelve week or six week placement. I opted for the latter and gained experience in an Edinburgh vintage boutique (full post coming soon) then worked on the production of the digital fashion show.

Creative Powder Shoot (15)

During the first semester, I really enjoyed ‘Fashion Branding’ as I’m interested in how brands create a certain look to appeal to consumers. It is quite an intense module, by linking theory to brand strategy. Another challenging module was ‘Financial Merchandising for Fashion’ which involved setting up your own simulated store, justifying every decision made and predicting the performance. Don’t worry if you’re not the best with numbers as there is plenty of support! Similarly, ‘Ethics and the Consumer’ depended on reasonable justification when investigating the importance of what consumers value and the policies involved. Finally, ‘Events Management’ analysed the importance of occasions such as the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games to Scotland. We were also required to create our own event monitoring the likes of the finances, health and safety and logistics.

Fashion is a difficult industry to break into but what one isn’t nowadays! It definitely requires a lot of hard work and commitment to get the best out of each module and develop your strengths. I still haven’t decided which area I’m most passionate about but there is a wide range of career paths so you don’t feel restricted.

Thanks for reading,
Lynne xx

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