Introducing Lynne

Hi, I’m Lynne! Welcome to my blog!

I’m so excited to start writing for the RGU student blog having been working on my own lifestyle blog over the last couple of years. I can’t quite believe that I’m now in my fourth and final year studying Fashion Management! I’m looking forward to sharing my experience so far at RGU.

There’s a lot of misconception surrounding what the Fashion Management course involves. The amount of times myself and my course mates have been told “so you want to design dresses” or “how is my outfit” is slightly infuriating but I hope I can offer a better insight through this blog. After all, the fashion industry contributes around £26 billion to the UK economy each year so it’s much more than frilly dresses!

The course offers a wide scope of study, being both practical and theoretical. Business focused modules have let us gain transferable skills in the areas of Finance, PR and Marketing. Meanwhile, the creative and more practical side has let us use our imagination to produce our own magazine and vibrant digital fashion film.

We have also had the opportunity to get hands on industry experience through a placement. I spent six weeks working at Godiva Boutique, a vintage store in Edinburgh, but have also worked at London Fashion Week and the Scottish Fashion Awards.

In terms of student life, there’s many hidden treasures in and around Aberdeen and the rest of Scotland. Having spent a lot of time in Edinburgh over the last year I hope to share my favourite places to explore.

By sharing my personal experience, I hope to give you an exciting glimpse into the study of fashion and life at RGU.

Lynne xx

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