Working at RGU

It was June 2016 when I had my first day as a Student Ambassador (SA) at RGU with the Marketing team. We were organising Open Day for the potential students for the next year. I had received a briefing for the Open Day in advance and again on the event morning. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were expecting around 350 to 400 students and parents coming to RGU to meet staff and have a tour of the campus.
My job for the day was to talk to the students, advise them on courses, and tell them about the experience of living in Aberdeen as well as all the extracurricular activities the university offers. Joining university is a big step as it carves your future.

rgu open day

After this event, my next event was a Postgraduate Open Evening, where prospective students get a one-on-one opportunity to talk to course leaders. Many students had come to inquire about oil and gas courses and were very happy to talk to me as an existing student in the course.

I helped in organising many similar events with the marketing team over the year including another Open Day, Applicants’ Day and Postgraduate Open Evenings. It was a nice experience and it helped me meet so many new people from different cultures. Everyone had a different story to share.

With all the skills I had developed during my first year, I was promoted to be an International Student Ambassador (ISA). I was very excited for the new opportunities and challenges.

ISA provided me with a wider experience. This included writing blogs, liaising with heads of schools and the international marketing team. I was working as an interface between the students and management and helping with promotional activities. This helped me enhance my time management, organisational and communication skills.

schoolhill desk
I was then moved to Schoolhill to work in their dynamic office. The working environment at Schoolhill was very friendly and enthusiastic. Staff here cherish and celebrate the joys of every team member, enjoy cakes and chocolates, surprises are thrown on birthdays and other team bonding activities keeps the overall vibe in office very happy and relaxing. In my short time I was made to feel part of the family.

Working at RGU is a great learning and development experience and I would recommend becoming a student ambassador to anyone.


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