Month: October 2017

Preparing to travel to RGU – An Indian Checklist part 2

Travelling a distance of over 7000 kilometres away from home, to begin your studies can be hugely overwhelming. It is a busy period of saying goodbyes to loved ones, and getting all the things you need to settle down in a new country. In the previous list, I mentioned the things you should look out for if you are heading to RGU sooner or later this year. Shortly after posting it, I realised that there are a lot of other smaller tips I have, that I would like to share with you, to save you some money. So here goes:



If you are moving to one of the RGU accommodation sites, you will be presented with the option to buy bedding online that will be ready in your room on your arrival. This is extremely convenient, should you choose to take up the offer. However, if you walk ten minutes away from the RGU Garthdee campus, you will find a superstore,  Asda (which you will slowly appreciate in your time here, trust me!). Bedding is sold at Asda for a much cheaper price than what you will find online, and of good quality too!
Bedding usually consists of a pillow, pillowcase, duvet, duvet cover and a bedsheet. A duvet is just a thick blanket that becomes necessary in the Aberdeen winters. Unless you have the space to carry a thick blanket in your luggage, I recommend that you buy one in Aberdeen itself, as they are better suited for the weather here. What you can carry instead, are bedsheets, as you will find good quality bedsheets for a lower price at home.



Unless you are really particular about the kind of pens that you use, you do not need to carry any stationery with you when you come to RGU.

This is because RGU hosts a Freshers Fayre in the first week or so for its students. At the Fayre, you will find all the stationery items you will need for a year, handed out for free. This is a kind gesture extended by the clubs, societies and departments at RGU towards all their students. You can expect lots of pens, highlighters, paper bookmarks/tabs, keychains, and also lots of chocolates!

In addition to these, you can also sign up for these clubs or societies, get invites to the parties in Aberdeen and gift vouchers and discount coupons. You can buy notebooks from any of the supermarkets here, however I feel you find better quality notebooks in India for a lesser price. Do not buy a lot of notebooks, as most of the assignments, and course material is handed out online.

(Pro tip: Watch out for free muffins at the entrance of The Sir Ian Wood Building in the first few weeks of the semester. You may just find me there too!)


Miscellaneous Items

You can save money on the items listed below by getting them from India:

• Batteries
• Insurance
• Calculators
• Combs
• Storage jars
• Charging cables/HDMI cables
• Cutlery
• Bath mat/ Shower mat

At this point, I have shared every money saving hack and tips I can share with you in advance. I hope these are of help to you. You can use this page to reach me if you have any questions. See you in September!



Scottish Fashion Awards Experience

Throughout the Fashion Management course there are many exciting opportunities, with industry experience highly encouraged. It is key to be resourceful and use your initiative in finding these experiences. The Fashion Management Facebook page is a useful tool with lecturers alongside past and present students posting current job offers. This was how I found out about the opportunity to volunteer at the 2015 Scottish Fashion Awards in London.

Stage (3)

I jumped at the chance of being a Front of House Assistant for the awards described as “Scotland’s Fashion Oscars”, where the world of design and entertainment is brought together in celebration of the country’s talent and innovation. Having never done anything like this before it was nerve-wracking arriving at the stunning Corinthia Hotel and meeting the other volunteers. However, these nerves disappeared very quickly when everyone started chatting about their courses and experiences. This is the lovely thing about the fashion industry as not only is it its own community, but it’s filled with creative people, passionate about what they do.


Tasks were spilt in the run up to the event in order for all the finishing touches to be made. Some helped out at the Debenhams beauty suite where the awards founder Dr. Tessa Hartmann CBE and invited guests such as Sophie Ellis Bextor were to enjoy treatments from the likes of bareMinerals and Toni & Guy. However, most of us, helped out in the ballroom doing things like packing the goody bags amongst other jobs. I loved the design on the bags, which incorporated the Olympus Pen sponsor, and I was very tempted to sneak a Tunnock’s caramel biscuit.

Goody Bags (5)

It was incredible to see the ballroom transformed from a bare space into the “Highland Gathering” theme with a party atmosphere, the perfect setting for the awards’ tenth anniversary. With the finishing touches being put in place, I got the job of updating the Instagram account for the awards. I loved getting to do this, as it meant watching singer Tallia Storm, mystery performers The View and presenter Laura Whitmore all rehearse.

Room Set UP (4)

Soon the guests began to arrive and it was a bit surreal playing ‘I Spy’ to see who I recognised. With two tables to look after, the first seated one of my favourite designers, Christopher Kane, while the other was formed of Tallia Storm and The Vamps, along with Lucy and Tiffany Watson from Made in Chelsea. At times I did feel like an awkward gate-crasher!

Guests Arriving (2)

During the awards I was backstage, taking each winner’s photo and uploading it to Instagram. This included Christopher Kane for Designer of the Year, Model of the Year Misha Hart, and Connor Ball of The Vamps. It was great being backstage watching professional photographer Neil Buchan-Grant work and all the winners seemed genuinely pleased with their award, with new and established talent given the recognition they deserve. At times it was frantic trying to post the pictures in good time but it was all a case of good time management.

Overall, the Scottish Fashion Awards was an incredible experience and I’d highly recommend volunteering at an event like this. Not only do you meet new people from different backgrounds but you can pick up and develop an array of skills as well as getting a taster for what it’s like to work in the events and marketing side of the fashion industry.

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All photos I have used were taken on the day of the awards and are credited to the Scottish Fashion Awards, owned and produced by Hartmann Media Ltd. or Fashion Icon.

Thanks for reading!


Working at RGU

It was June 2016 when I had my first day as a Student Ambassador (SA) at RGU with the Marketing team. We were organising Open Day for the potential students for the next year. I had received a briefing for the Open Day in advance and again on the event morning. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we were expecting around 350 to 400 students and parents coming to RGU to meet staff and have a tour of the campus. (more…)