End of my placement year with the RGU Marketing Team

So it has come to the end of my placement with the Marketing team. I can hardly believe it. It’s crazy to think that it was a whole year ago I was sat waiting for my interview. A lot has happened since then, but I have enjoyed every minute of it.
Since my last update time has flown by! I can’t quite believe that I will be thrown into student life next week. I have become so used to the routine of working life. Of course I am looking forward to the lie ins… This will be my fourth and possibly final year at RGU. I have heard a lot about what to expect in your final year and to be honest I am quite nervous but I am looking forward to being back with my friends and the haphazard lifestyle that comes with being a student.

During the last 6 months I have been involved with various events and projects with the university. I continued to manage social media channels for RGU such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. It was really interesting as I was communicating with the public and was constantly kept up to date with events and news about the university, things I might not have been aware of as a student. I will definitely make a conscious effort to ensure I know what is going on within the university when I go back to classes. It was also great fun being able to create and post content for the public during Graduation and Open Day. I also helped to support the Communications team with The Bulletin and Media Summary every week and the Web team with promotional videos and virtual tours. 


Graduation was a really good experience for me as I got to create content and ideas for social media which included Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Snapchat (RobertGordonUni). I was so pleased with the outcome, everyone was in such good spirits that week and it was such a pleasure being part of it. I was also involved in assisting in a video for graduation to highlight the student experience at RGU. I spoke to graduates on the day who were more than happy to participate in the video.

At the start of my placement last year I was thrown right into the deep end during my first few weeks as I was involved with Open Day, which was great! It gave me some experience for future events I would attend throughout the year such as Applicants’ Day and Visit Afternoons. I recently attended our last Open Day which was brilliant! On the run up to the day I created content for social media including running our own Snapchat story (RobertGordonUni). Luckily it was a beautiful day on campus so photos came out great! It was a great way to finish the last month of my placement. I got to meet so many people and enjoyed working with all the student ambassadors.

mate rov

I was also able to attend Offshore Europe this year with my colleagues Louise and Kirsten. It was great to be part of something so big! I had only been at Offshore Europe (OE) once before as I worked for a different company but it was a pleasure to be on the RGU stand taking enquiries. I helped manage the RGU mini MATE ROV challenge which was part of this year’s ‘Energise Your Future’ event at OE. I also got to interact and network with different companies, along with collecting as many freebies as I could get.


I have enjoyed meeting new people and interacting with the different departments, especially my bloggers. It has been great working alongside them and creating new ideas together. I think I lucked out with the managers I had however, as both Sean and Camilla have been so supportive, I never had an issue throughout the year and I knew I could turn to them and ask for help if there was. I have loved working with the Marketing team and luckily I will continue to work for them part-time during my studies which I am really excited about.

I have really enjoyed the last year and it was such a brilliant experience. I am sad it has come to an end but I will still see my colleagues, whether that’s in the office or around campus.

Now to tackle 4th year…

Katie x

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