Offshore Europe 2017

This year I attended Offshore Europe 2017. This event takes place at the AECC in Aberdeen every two years and it is one of the biggest events that take place in the city. As Aberdeen is the Oil and Gas capital of Europe thousands of people attend this event to visit the stands of hundreds of companies related to Oil and Gas.

Offshore Europe is recognised as Europe’s leading E&P (Exploration&Production) event which enables visitors to be kept up to date with the latest technologies and allows them to network with the 50,000 attendees.

This year I was amazed to see the number of companies that attended and the amount of space required for the event. The stands are so impressive and have some of the latest gadgets and technology available. There was a number of companies that had Virtual Reality at their stand. RGU had a VR drilling rig called DART which allowed you to have realistic, real-time training within a virtual drilling environment.


As part of my placement I was required to take part and help out during Offshore Europe. As well as attending the event I created social media content for the RGU Facebook and Linkedin pages! It was great being able to promote the event during my placement. We posted a number of updates including a Buzzfeed quiz about the phrases you might hear if you work in the Oil and Gas industry.

I helped set up the RGU stand before the event and it was crazy to see how much work goes into the actual event even before the exhibitors arrive. There was so much going on and it was so busy but it was really well organised and you could see people were excited to get the event started.

It was such a great experience to work at the stand for RGU. I got to meet so many visitors, students, and staff! It was a great networking opportunity too which allowed me to see the type of industries that are out there with potential job opportunities abroad. Everyone was so friendly and interested in what the university had to offer and how they could work together. There was such a great buzz throughout the event that the days flew by!

mate rov

On the last day I helped out at the RGU mini MATE ROV challenge which was part of this year’s ‘Energise Your Future’ event at Offshore Europe. Three groups of secondary school pupils took part in the challenge where they had to navigate the water tank in an environmental clean-up simulation, searching for coloured tokens representing hazardous materials working alongside their teammates.

I went for a wander around the building and spoke to different organisations! Everyone was so keen to chat to you and they gave out freebies! I can’t tell you how many pens and notepads and little trinkets I took home after the event. I’ll be stocked up on stationary for the rest of my life! The only thing is, it’s so big you might get lost! The good news is that there are maps situated in every hall so you can easily make your way back – and if you still can’t find your way there are people to help you with ‘Ask Me’ T-shirts on who can show you where you need to go.

I am so glad I attended this year’s Offshore Europe and I know that I will definitely be making an effort to go back! If you are stuck for money before going back to uni you could apply for jobs during Offshore Europe! There are always companies that need help with catering, reception and even market research on the day. Keep an eye out when it’s here next time and you might find yourself a job. It’s only for 4 days too! If you don’t want to work you can always come as a visitor. It’s worth it, you’ll learn and see so much as well as meeting new people and potential employers!

Take a look at some our footage from the day! 

Katie x


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