Top 5 Tips for Freshers Week

Freshers is such a fun time for everyone and can be slightly overwhelming. Here’s my 5 tips to help you get through the two weeks of madness!

1. Unpacking

The best thing to do as soon as you get a chance is to make sure you unpack. This way your room will feel familiar and you will be surrounded with your own things, so when you go to sleep or wake up the next day you will feel at home. This will also prevent having to rummage through your luggage to find an outfit! I printed lots of pictures of friends and family and put them up in my room, which will make it feel more homely.


2. Do as much as you can

Freshers will be the first opportunity to meet people and a chance for you to come out of your shell. My advice is to chat to everyone in your halls and get to know as many people as possible during Freshers and beyond. What I also found helpful was to leave my door open during the first week, so if my flat mates needed anything they could just pop in. Also, make sure you go out into the common area to hang out and chat with your new flat mates. There will be parties that take place during Freshers. Even if you are not a drinker or underage, most blocks will have something going on where you can pop in and get to meet different people other than your flat mates.


3. Get to know your surroundings

Before going on your first venture out with your new friends, make sure you have each other’s numbers. Personally, I had never been to Aberdeen before so I did not fully know my way around. I made sure I had an official taxi number – just in case one was needed later on. Along with this, just make sure you take care of yourself and be responsible with everything you do. You can use the RGU:Union’s Safe Taxi Scheme in case you get stuck during Freshers!


4. Budgeting

You’re probably tired of hearing this, but it’s really important. Freshers goes by in a flash and you get so caught up with meeting new people and trying to fit in all the different activities that you may lose sight of what money you may need to save for food and basic necessities. The important thing is not to worry if you can’t afford to do something. If you’re living in halls there will always be someone in the same boat as you. Plus most times you will just be chilling out in your flat and getting to know each other. Just make sure you plan how you will be spending your money. On my first few nights out I used to take cash out beforehand and spend that on my night out. I’d then leave a few pounds hidden away just in case a taxi was needed!




5. Join Societies

The final tip is to join a club or society. There are so many available at RGU that you’re sure to find one you’ll love. Whilst meeting people by going out is amazing, societies and clubs are another place to meet people, whilst also giving you an activity for the rest of your year at uni which will be something to look forward to when Freshers is over!

I hope these tips are helpful for all of you who are looking forward to Freshers! The main thing is to enjoy it and make the most of it! I had an amazing Freshers in first year and have loads of great memories from the things we did. You also don’t need to be a new student to enjoy Freshers, as most of you may know!

Some of the events you can attend during Freshers! 

8th – 15th September 2018

8 days jam packed full with almost 80 events! Including…

 Jack Fincham (Love Island) Guest Appearance
 Scott Mills (BBC Radio 1) DJ Set
 Freshers Free Film Festival
 Freshers Fayre 2018
 Live Music & Acoustic Sessions
 Stand Up Comedy
 The Biggest Freshers Pub Quiz
 Silent Disco
 City Tours
 Food & Drinks Festival
 Traditional Scottish Ceilidh
 Society Welcome Events
 plus so much more!

Wristbands are on sale NOW, with band options and packages starting from just £5! To view the full events listing, to find out more, and to pre-order your wristband, head to


Have fun!

Petra x


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