It’s that time of year again, when we all pile back onto the 1 & 2 bus to campus in time for inductions. We’ll welcome thousands of new and returning students over two fun-filled weeks! Freshers marks the start of the academic year introducing you to lots of new friends, societies, activities and Aberdeen! Student life can be so much fun if you get involved.

RGU:Union is hosting over 100 events during the Freshers Fortnight from Saturday 9 September when halls open, right through until Saturday 23 September just before classes begin. There’s lots of events for those over and under 18 with course icebreakers, city tours, open days, sports day, film festival and of course, legendary themed club nights and celebrity appearances! We have also joined up with the ResLife team in accommodation to bring you day trips and alternative daytime events.

We also host our very own mini festival, the Freshfest. We got feedback from previous years that under 18’s or those who choose not to drink alcohol have little option for evening entertainment. We acted and brought you one of the best nights in our events calendar! We take over the iconic Beach Ballroom for one night with a ceilidh, comedy, music and more. It’s a must for all students!


Of course, Freshers wouldn’t be Freshers without the Fayre! Each year we work hard to bring some of the most popular bars, clubs, cinemas and other entertainment in Aberdeen to you. You haven’t had the full Freshers Fayre experience until you’ve signed up to almost every sports club or society!

On a more serious note, various university departments and services will be there to welcome you and tell you all about the hard work they do behind the scenes. There will also be charities located in the Business School. Chat to them for opportunities to get involved and take their freebies in case you ever need their services.


You’ll find so many discount cards to save you cash, bundle deals, water bottles, notepads, pens, keyrings, lanyards… everything you could need for the coming year, all for FREE! The Freshers Fayre is not the time to be shy about taking free stuff!

Kerry’s top tips for a successful Freshers Fayre:

1. Prepare!
Take a look on our website to find the sports clubs and societies we offer, noting the ones you want to speak to. Also, the weather outside might tell you to layer up but the sports hall gets a bit sticky, so leave the jacket at home. Find free bottles of water and hydrate yourself! It’s busy, noisy and can be overwhelming, which takes me on to my second tip…

2. Drop in and out
Do a few trips around the hall to make sure you have all the freebies and have found the societies and sports clubs you want to see. Leave the hall after each lap, breathe and go back in! The charities and other organisations on Union Way and in the Business School are generally a lot quieter. I suggest you investigate here while taking a break from the main hall.

3. Take all the freebies
So. Much. Free. Stuff! We all know SAAS won’t cover everything, so stock up on the study essentials. You will never need to purchase a pen again. You might also eat too many sweets and chocolate for you own good, but one day is okay, right? Oh and skip lunch and eat all the pizza!


Your student union team can’t wait to welcome you, whether you’re new to RGU or have been here for 4 years already. Freshers events are for everyone, so order your wristband online to access all events! We’ll be at halls to welcome you to your new home and at many other events during Freshers 2017. Don’t be afraid to say hello!

Freshers is really exciting, but it can also be a scary and overwhelming time for some students. Bear this in mind and look out for others, especially your flatmates, and offer a support to others if you can! Above all, welcome and enjoy #RGUFRESHERS 2017!

If you want to contact one of the Presidents, drop us an email:

Eilidh Paterson (President of sport and Physical Activity) presspa@rguunion.co.uk
Kerry Harrison (President of Education and Welfare) presew@rguunion.co.uk
Michael Ife (President of Communication and democracy) prescd@rguunion.co.uk

Freshers information:

Kerry Harrison (President of Education and Welfare)

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