Gray’s Masters Show

Until the 7th of September the Art & Design Masters degree show will be exhibiting work from a number of students studying the contextualised practice course at Gray’s. This will showcase the work of both current graduating Master’s students and those progressing on to do their second year.

There is a variety of work on show including paintings, drawings, installations and work which aims to engage with the public and encourage participation. In addition to this, there are several sculptural pieces – with a consistent environmental theme running throughout much of the work.


Work by Julie Green

The Course leader for MA programmes at Gray’s, Jon Pengelly, explains: “This year’s exhibition of Masters students’ work at Gray’s, represent a fascinating and wide range of works that communicate a series of thematic experiences and journeys which have had a significant and formative impact on these student’s current work and future ambitions.”

“The work of each of the students on the Masters course, shows high levels of dedication, creativity and professionalism, in both their research, and creative practice, which is quite often produced and developed by necessity quite often between jobs, or in the spaces personally negotiated around student’s everyday lives.”

MA show collage

Work by Bruce Swanson

From going along to the show I was clearly able see how each piece has a unique and interesting inspiration behind them. Some pieces stand out immediately and have a strong visual impact, while I found others more impressive when I had a closer look and read about the motivations behind them. For example, the four pieces in the image above are the work of Bruce Swanson. Through various expeditions to sites along the Highland Boundary Fault, Bruce made sketches, voice recording and photographs to then contribute these to his sculptures and 2D works. Bruce has studied the part-time Masters course and says; “the opportunity to come back to university and study has been tremendous, opening up new and unexpected perspectives and ways of working.”

I’d highly recommend going along to Gray’s for a look around the show, while it lasts over the two-week period! The show runs from 10am until 5pm every day.

You can have a look at the Degree Show here >


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