The Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is a place I wanted to visit since the time I decided to pursue my higher studies.

view from old man of storr

I was accompanied by five of my friends on the journey. We hired a car as the road to Skye is just as beautiful as the place itself. Since the place is so popular, it is always tough to look for affordable accommodation. Therefore, I had booked somewhere two months in advance. Many tourists secure the bookings almost 6 months in advance during summer.

Our first stop was Inverness which is almost 100 miles from Aberdeen. The drive was smooth and without any traffic. We stopped for some snacks and coffee at the city center of Inverness. Later on we began looking for restaurants for lunch. There were not many cafés on our way or maybe we missed them; all of us were lost in our own world. We stopped at a small countryside café called Carron’s Pottery for lunch. The cafe was in middle of nowhere and is run by a very nice couple and their family. It is a favorite spot for all the bikers as most of them stop there for coffee and cake.

View from Carrons pottery

Our next stop after lunch was Eilean Donan Castle. The castle is situated next to Loch Alsh. It is one of the most recognised castles in Scotland. It comes as a surprise to discover that although the island has been fortified since at least the Iron Age, the castle you see today was only rebuilt from earlier ruins in the years between 1913 and 1932. The castle is significantly larger than it’s been portrayed in photographs. It is, without any exaggeration, a Scottish icon.

Eilean Donan Castle

Our next stop was Sligachan Bridge. Unfortunately, it started raining and we had to stop at Sligachan Hotel which is just next to the bridge, there we had the chance to try some local ale. Our final stop was our accommodation, Bothy’s Bunk House. It was a beautiful house with a loch and mountain view. As it is a small town, the restaurants and pubs close around 9-11pm. We were just in time for dinner at Munro’s Bar, which was close to our accommodation.

lealt falls

To my surprise, we started our trip as planned on day 2. We left the house at 9 am. Our first stop was Neist Point. It is one of the most famous lighthouses which was built in 1900 and can be found on the most westerly tip of Skye near the township of Glendale. While the walk down is easy, the concrete path was quite steep. From the path, we could see stunning views of the high cliffs and the lighthouse itself.
Our second stop was Portree. It is the biggest town on the Isle of Skye. There are many restaurants, most of which are famous for seafood. We had our lunch and explored the town walking around and purchasing some souvenirs.

Since it was a sunny day, we thought to extend the trip till late evening. We explored Kilt Rock, Lealt Falls and Old Man of Storr. Kilt rock is part of a sea cliff with a strangely shaped edge of basalt columns to form the pleats and intruded sills of dolerite, forming the pattern. It is further decorated by a 60m waterfall in front of it, which makes the view even better.

lealt falls 2

Lealt Falls is a wild and windy spot on the coast of the Isle of Skye! The waterfall is gorgeous, and the coloration on the rocks is amazing. We preferred to look down to the beach from the cliff top rather than descending till Eaglais Bhreugach.


Our last stop for the second day was Old Man of Storr. It is a very popular walk in Skye. The ‘Old Man’ is a large pinnacle of rock that stands high and can be seen for miles around. It is a large standing formation of rock part of the Trotternish ridge. It is a rocky and rough climb. It took us almost an hour and a half to finish the ascent and descent with a few breaks on our way up. The rocks at Storr seem to wear the plaid in this unique Scottish wilderness. It was already 9pm and we called it a day. A day spent exploring the exorbitant beauty of Skye.

Old man of storr

On the third day we wanted to relax. Our first stop was Talisker Distillery. It was just a 15 minute drive from our accommodation. We booked a tour for the afternoon and in the meantime, we went to Fairy Pools. Fairy pools are small waterfalls on the south-west of the Isle of Skye with crystal clear water.

fairy pools

After the distillery tour, we picked up a bottle of whiskey and headed to our accommodation and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.


That was the end to an amazing trip. The words and pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of this magical place.


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