Graduation Day

A few weeks before graduation myself and the other members of my course gathered together to receive our letters from our tutor to say if we had passed the course or not. I opened mines with my friends Kerri, Alice and Hannah so we could emotionally support each other afterwards no matter the outcome.


We all had passed and cheered with joy. Four years completed and a Bachelors Honours Degree in Contemporary Art Practice (Photography) to show. I was not on my way to graduation, a day I would never forget.

Here are a few things you should know about the day:

To prepare for your graduation you will have to register to graduate online and pay a fee of £40. Once that is sorted, you will have to start thinking of your gown. You can gown hire or gown purchase. I hired my gown for the day and paid £42 to do so and the gown was to my height and the hat sized to fit. On the day, you will have to pick up your gown or you can pick it up the night before but you must keep the tickets on them. You also have to print out your order email beforehand too. There is someone there who will help fit your gown as well and tell you how your hat should be worn which is always helpful. I will warn you, the gown will feel heavy to start with.

You will receive an email from Robert Gordon’s University asking about how many tickets that you need for the graduation for family members and friends to attend. Thankfully my course had a CAP (Contemporary Art Practice) Facebook page for us all to update each other on things and someone was quick to tell us we all had an email. You are guaranteed 2 tickets but you can ask for more. Your tickets will be sent to you by post but if you feel you need more tickets, there will be some tickets available, although it is not guaranteed. All tickets are free.

On the day:
Your family/friends that will be attending will have to go through a separate door from yourself. This is so you can receive your instructions on what will happen, your catalogue, seat number and sign in. Once you find your seat it is time to wait.

Thurs PM12

There will be speeches but when it is your time, your row of seats will be asked to stand and head through to the back of the stage and to line up in order. You will walk onto the stage when your name is called, the cap touches your head, the principal with give you a hand shake and your certificate and off the stage you go. It all happens so quickly so try and take everything in. The lights are very bright so you might struggle to see your family/friends in the crowd.


After everyone has been on stage and speeches have been made, you are free to leave and find your loved ones. Almost everyone went down to the gardens afterwards to take photographs. I gathered for a group photograph with the people from my course. Everything is so exciting and emotional as you all begin to realise that the course is over but your journey is just beginning. My friends and I spoke about our plans for the future, got one last photograph and said our goodbyes… for now.


Once people finish their photographs people tend to go for a meal. This year soul gave everyone tickets for cheap food and drinks. I went for a meal and the circus with my boyfriend then had a celebration meal with my family later. I was shattered after the whole day as it was non-stop. It is a day I’ll never forget. I am so happy that I got to experience all this with my friends that I made in my course. I feel like we have grown up together. I would like to thank all the staff at Gray’s School of Art for all of their support and my tutor Michael Agnew who never gave up on any of us and believed in us all. Robert Gordon is a wonderful university to apply to and attend and I am happy to say I will be returning this year to complete another course in mental health nursing. Wish me luck!


Here are a few things to consider –
• Eat something beforehand – You don’t want to be feeling dizzy on stage or your stomach rumbling
• Don’t wear too high of heels as the walk along the stage will feel like a marathon.
• Prepare everything the night before
• Make sure to get plenty of sleep because the day will take a lot out of you
• Wake up early so you can double check everything and have plenty of time to get ready
• Be careful of flying hats as a lot of people will be throwing them for photographs

Thank you for reading my blog posts this year and I hope you have a better understanding of what goes on in Gray’s School of Art.

Here’s to the next three years with RGU!



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