End Of First Year!


Hi Guys,

And just like that, I am finished first year. Trust me when I say that writing this end of year post is a lot harder than once thought as this year has just flown by. To think this time last year I was starting my transition from Academy to University scares me ever so slightly, to say the least.

To say things have changed is an understatement (not only throughout University but also because of University) but luckily for me some of the most important things have stayed the same.


The biggest realisation for me after studying a year at RGU is how much your friendship circle adapts. Believe everyone who says that you will notice who your true friends are when you go to University because I cannot explain how true that is. Lucky for me my closest friends from Academy have been truly amazing keeping in touch but unfortunately some friends have drifted away. This however allowed for the biggest change to occur – meeting my University friends! Without them I frankly would have had the dullest experience. It may sound completely cliché – something I was trying to avoid – but I have definitely found lifelong friends here. I am truly lucky to have found such great people and may be biased when saying this. They have all been so good to me being a home student and still invite me to things – something that usually would prevent such friendships. So here is a shout out to my University friends and those that have stayed with me!


The second realisation of University for me was just how much work is needed for an undergraduate course. Even though this was only first year I am nevertheless glad I found out how much hard work was involved now and not in my fourth year when thesis being a major factor. I am cautious about saying that it is a long time away however that is what I said about starting University and here I am writing the end of first year post.

Throughout first year, I have definitely realised just how hectic the exam period can be. The exams, especially the ones for second semester, were more difficult as summer was just around the corner – and trying to concentrate was almost impossible. At the beginning of the year you think you have so much time and then all of a sudden exams have began. That’s when the true revision starts: The panic of realising how much you have to do with so little time leading you to turn to social media in the hopes to find other people who feel the same as you. And then all of a sudden you are finished with exams – a lot quicker than you realise. It is then on to the end of exam celebrations and for me the highlight of first year was the annual RGU Business Ball.

Aberdeen city

The excitement leading up to the Ball was truly my main motivation throughout revision. With this being the first time all my University friends were together, dressed up and with such a good end-of-exam feeling throughout, it was one of the best events I’ve attended. It was however bittersweet as we realised that it was the last time we would all be together until February next year as some people are studying abroad – we were delighted to have such a good final social event of 2017 together (even if this was the middle of May). The Business Ball Committee did such a fantastic job organising and running the event, as it was clear everyone had such an unforgettable time.  So if you can, definitely get your hands on tickets for the Ball next year – I know I can safely say that we are all planning our dresses for next year already!


After the celebrations are done you are then hit with the agonising wait for the results – I can only imagine how fourth year students feel. Your patience is truly tested as you want to know if you can enjoy your summer or if you have to revise while others are tanning themselves in the Scottish sun – that tends to only show itself for a couple of days each year. When you receive your results the feeling of finality washes over you, as after all the hard work has paid off that is you completely finished first year.

I can truthfully say that my first year at RGU was an unforgettable experience and I truly look forward to the next three!

See you in second year!

Georgia x






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