RGU: The Graduation Story

It was a day pretty much like any other the only difference being that today, unknown to me, I had a flight to a catch. Beyond that a year or so of meeting new people, learning new things and getting to know this new-found land that I now call home.



I was often told by my elders that time passes you by before you even realize it and, much to their sentiment, here I was standing within His Majesty’s Theater (HMT). Standing with my colleagues from the course, wearing the traditional academic dress and waiting to go up on stage to receive an award on which countless hours and a lot of food were consumed whilst toiling away on assignments, essays and presentations. Here it was. Graduation.


After four months of grueling work on a Thesis suspense would be understating the feeling I had when opening CampusMoodle to check the grade I got. One is often reminded of Schrodinger’s cat during such situations. A person in their view has both passed and failed until they actually sees their result, much like the metaphorical cat. A click and a scroll later and, much to my excited relief, I had received a merit for my thesis and was on my way to the graduation ceremony. And what a ceremony it was. The entire town was quite pleasantly made aware that many a young adult was graduating that day, with so many walking and/or running around Union Terrace wearing the graduation gown and cap. All with one destination is mind, HMT. The red and gold of the theater was complimented with RGU’s purple and white color scheme. As anxious graduates both postgrad and undergrad started filling up seats in the bottom row in front of the stage while family and friends filled up the floors above. A speech later, individuals being called up to receive their degrees and respective awards, perhaps a form of catharsis for the year that preceded. While the speakers reminded those in attendance of the responsibilities that need to be taken now that they are entering the professional world.


RGU for me has been a journey, a rough one though exciting. It provided me with a platform upon which to further build myself and an environment in which to debate, argue and reason ideas that may not have otherwise come. The ceremony itself stood as testimony to the challenging work and effort that it took to achieve my academic goals. It has opened up pathways to opportunities that will allow me to better myself even further and hopefully, as one of the speakers put during the ceremony, have a positive impact on the world around me.



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