Friends I’ve made at RGU

We all have friends but some friends are more special than others. Friends are valuable to one’s journey in life. In my journey in Aberdeen, I have made a few friends who have been instrumental to my success here. I have made friends in different facets of my life in Aberdeen and having good friends is tantamount to how far one goes in life.


The first friend I made here is Avto, an intelligent guy from Georgia. He has been really important to my stay in Aberdeen. He is not just my course mate but also my flat mate. In the last few months, we have been through so much together. We have worked on different coursework together, worked on various class activities together and we have also been to couple of events and places together.

Avto is someone I can depend on because he’s always looking out for me and sometimes he makes people ponder if we knew each other before coming to Aberdeen. He has shown me what true friendship is about. He has certainly made me fall in love with Georgia and I would definitely want to visit there sometime. I hope he feels the same way about visiting Nigeria.


Another series of friends I have made since I came to Aberdeen are my course mates. It is a class of 18 students from 11 countries of the world (U.K, U.S, Nigeria, Ghana, Slovakia, Thailand, Russia, France, Uganda, China and Italy); indicating a diverse class with vast amount of ideas and personal differences. Over the past 8 months we have formed an indivisible unit relying on each other’s strengths and weaknesses to navigate the course we are all pursuing – Energy Management.


Noteworthy among these set of friends is Sochima, a smart Nigerian who has lived in Aberdeen for about 10 years; whom has really been of help both as a colleague and as a friend. In my first week in Aberdeen, we went to see the Deepwater Horizon movie together in the cinema in Union Square. He also used that opportunity to show me prominent places in the city of Aberdeen such as the Bridge of Don, His Majesty’s Theatre, the Beach Boulevard, Grosvenor casino as we drove around the city just for sightseeing. We have also worked on various class group projects together as team members where he has shown dexterity and astuteness required of a true professional and ambitious individual.

Another friend worthy of note is Samuel, he is also a September start. He is an intelligent and mature course mate with very articulate ideas and thoughts. From him, I have learnt the importance of being eloquent and poised. These attributes, he has shown in various class presentations and interactions. He has also been helpful in my search for jobs as he is consistently sending me links and contacts for prospective jobs while also reinforcing my ability and confidence. He has really been a good friend.

My mention of noteworthy course mates wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sean and Jack, two Scottish guys in my Class. Jack is a jovial lad who always has a smile on his face. He is so easy to talk and relate to as he always has something funny to share. At first, I didn’t get their accents fully, but over the last couple of months of being together, I have come to understand a large amount of what they say whenever we speak. Sean and I happen to share a lot of groups together as course mates and coincidentally opted for same elective courses in the 2nd semester of our course, so we have had to always discuss so many things and I always enjoy talking with him. He is very easy to start a conversation with, jovial too and always ready to help. He doesn’t discriminate and he’s ready to work with any member of the class irrespective of their personality. He has also been helpful with my professional development as he has assisted me with a course in Well Control and Management towards building a career in the Oil and Gas field. I have been through the 1st level of the insightful course already. I have also convinced him to visit Nigeria sometimes and he is open to such a voyage.

I stay in Woolmanhill flats here in Aberdeen, an accommodation provided by RGU to facilitate a welcoming environment and easy integration for new students. I have made friends with my flat mates over the last 8 months we have been together. Besides Avto that is already mentioned, Senyo, Azeem and Godfree are all from different countries of the world but we have lived in harmony so far and they have shown to be true friends with very admirable personalities. They have all made my stay in Woolmanhill flats memorable.


I have also met couple of people around my hall of residents that we have come to be friends over the last couple of months. Those I play football with, those I play table tennis with and share common room with. They have all shown to be nice and supportive. It is like a huge family of interesting people.
Shuttling through the city of Aberdeen, I have also made some friends that I hang out with, some from Nigeria, others are from different parts of the world. Some of these friends are from my university, Robert Gordon University such as Tinu, Lorant, David, Annabel, and Salomey just to mention a few while others are from University of Aberdeen, whom I met from my various visits to the Aberdeen football Club stadium at Pittodrie. There, I made friends with Etta, Augusta and Eddy.


A friend that has also contributed immensely to my stay in Aberdeen is Athira, we have been friends since February and I have learnt a lot from her. A lady with a large heart, she has shown me what it is like to truly care for someone as a friend. Athira and I met at one of the series of events organised by RGU students at Res:life at the beginning of this year, we subsequently became friends after meeting in school afterwards. We have found time to hang out together a few of times and every moment together with her I cherish dearly. She has really been a true friend.


The friends I have made in Aberdeen have not only aided my stay here in Aberdeen both academically and socially but they have also shown me how important friendships should be nurtured and the place of trust in a healthy relationship. Indeed, I will profoundly hold the memories of these friends forever.


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