Aberdeen Foodstory Cafe

Aberdeen is a laid back town with super friendly folks, whisky and great food. There are chains of many good restaurants in the town. Though most of these restaurants are multicuisine, a couple of them are famous for signature dishes and distinctive taste. Being a vegetarian, I could not explore many options such as Haggis, Black Pudding, Barbecued Chicken etc. However, there are some amazing vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the town too.


One of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in town is Food Story Café, on Aberdeen’s Thistle Street. They have an innovative menu which will leave the tummy healthy and happy. They host various events throughout the week and live music every Friday. The restaurant has rustic wooden tables and the interior gives it a very beautiful ethnic look.  They have a mixed group of diners in the restaurant including all age groups.

We had not booked a table; however, we luckily got one. The service was fast and everyone’s order arrived very quickly. I had opted for the Falafel platter which came with chunky humous, some nachos, tzatziki and carrot salad, along with rosemary and sea salt flat bread. It was delish.


My friend had picked Hotpot – it is was the chef’s special dish which changes every day. It came with delicious brown rice with almond curry, sour cream, some nachos and rosemary and sea salt flat bread.

They do not have a bar at the café but you are able to bring your own alcohol. The food was so delicious that after we finished, we were still hungry!! Therefore, we ordered a chocolate brownie and a banana cake and coffee.

I was absolutely thrilled to see options for dessert (usually unlikely for me) and all the food and both desserts I ate were divine.


The atmosphere of the café was ramped up by guitarist and a singer. They played famous selection of songs.  The atmosphere was just so relaxed and eclectic at the same time.

The cafe always has a buzz about it during the day and it was no different at night. Prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity! The staff are extremely friendly, quick & knowledgeable.

The only downside is the timings as it closes at 9pm unlike other restaurants which are generally open till 11pm and even late on weekends. Overall it is a fab place and I am still in love it!!



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