Student Midwives and Midwifery

Everybody experiences things differently. Everybody has something going on in their life that is important to them. What is important to me are the goals I want to achieve. In hindsight, I think I’ve achieved a few already – getting into uni, first placement, first flat, not being 100% broke (most of the time). The thing is, you never really know how something will turn out until you take that risk, make whatever mistakes need making, learn from others, and most importantly just give it all you’ve got. I make a lot of mistakes when it comes to money, for instance, if I have a takeaway with my friends I can’t then afford to do laundry for another week, and that’s okay! It’s okay because I learnt from that situation the importance of money…and that I need to cut down on fast food.


Back to goals and ambitions; the course that I am part of opens so many doors for me. When I qualify in a few years’ time, this is a job that could enable me to travel to different countries and work among other cultures, apply to educational courses and specialise in something within midwifery, mentor students of my own, the list goes on! My point is that there is always something more to work towards, and with the right motivation this is all possible for me.

I’ve been asked a lot, ‘why midwifery?’, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think there’s enough time in the world to explain. Experiencing first-hand a woman giving birth, watching a couple become a family through pregnancy and grow together, and knowing that you were able to support and guide them in any way is the most tremendous feeling.


Midwifery can be misunderstood as a very medical profession, in which we see women through pregnancy and labour just to ensure both mum and baby are physically well. Whilst this is partly true, my blog is about how midwifery means so much more than that. Midwifery to me, is a very sensitive and spiritual job, which is why I find it so interesting. I’ll admit that before I started the course I wasn’t as well informed about the role of the midwife and exactly what it is we stand for, but uni has taught us the importance of what we do. It is a beautiful profession; one I feel privileged to do.

For this blog, I have roped in some of the fabulous girls on my course to write a couple of sentences each about midwifery from their perspective. Their statements overlap and reflect one another, in that they are so passionate about this career and what it means to them. I think we underestimate the power of words sometimes, and I’m sure some of these girls can put it better than I can myself!


“Sensitive midwifery to me is empathy, understanding and shaping care for each woman specifically. The ability to listen and have time for women and their families and genuinely care about women in your care because it shows if you don’t. Considering how a woman may be feeling in the situation you are in with her and putting yourself on the same level as that woman. If you want to be sensitive and caring you have to really mean it, have genuine respect for her.”

“Being a sensitive midwife is about building up such a good relationship with the woman you are with that you become in tune to her hopes and dreams, fears and worries, and act as an advocate for her in line with those things.”

“Midwifery to me literally means what it says on the tin – being with women. Supporting them in whatever way they want you to and empowering them so they can have the most positive experience.”

“Midwifery is unlike any other job. You have the amazing privilege to play a role in what is such a unique and incomparable time in a woman’s life. Caring for women, their babies and their families gives me such joy and I will never take this opportunity for granted.”

“To me midwifery is not only taking care of women’s health for 9 months but it is building a strong, trusting relationship with her and her family, and providing care suitable and specific to her situation. It’s also understanding that a woman comes with circumstances and a history before we meet her so we must take that into account as well.”

“Midwifery to me is the most amazing privilege. To be a part of something so pure and natural is incredible and indescribable. It can be the best thing in the world to support a couple begin a family together and to help them along their way. Midwifery is the best decision I’ve ever made.”




For anybody reading this blog who is interested in learning more about what this vocation entails, there are plenty of books that are available to read, or journal articles in magazines such as The Royal College of Midwives, the British Journal for Midwives or The Practicing Midwife. I would highly recommend Caroline Flint’s Sensitive Midwifery– a personal favourite of mine. This book is a fantastic read for midwives and has come in extremely handy for essays!

Finally, I must give a huge thank you to the wonderful girls who gave me some insight into midwifery from their perspective.


Emma x

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