Month: July 2017

How to make the most of your time in architecture

My time at RGU has taught me that university is what you make of it, so give it your best.

I wanted to provide you with a few words of advice that I wished someone had told me at the beginning of my architectural studies which will hopefully enable you to make the most of your time at RGU. (more…)

RGU: The Graduation Story

It was a day pretty much like any other; the only difference being, that today, unknown to me, I had a flight to a catch. Beyond that, a year or so of meeting new people, learning new things and getting to know this newfound land that I now call home. (more…)

Friends I’ve made at RGU

We all have friends but some friends are more special than others. Friends are valuable to one’s journey in life. In my journey in Aberdeen, I have made a few friends who have been instrumental to my success here. I have made friends in different facets of my life in Aberdeen and having good friends is tantamount to how far one goes in life. (more…)

Aberdeen Foodstory Cafe

Aberdeen is a laid back town with super friendly folks, whisky and great food. There are chains of many good restaurants in the town. Though most of these restaurants are multicuisine, a couple of them are famous for signature dishes and distinctive taste. (more…)

My Masters Architecture Project

My masters’ project took place over the final two years of my academic studies (5th year and 6th year). (more…)

Student Midwives and Midwifery

Everybody experiences things differently. Everybody has something going on in their life that is important to them. What is important to me are the goals I want to achieve. In hindsight, I think I’ve achieved a few already – getting into uni, first placement, first flat, not being 100% broke (most of the time). The thing is, you never really know how something will turn out until you take that risk, make whatever mistakes need making, learn from others, and most importantly just give it all you’ve got. (more…)

Aberdeen Highland Games

Aberdeen Highland Games was held in Hazlehead Park on Sunday 18th June 2017, it was a truly Scottish experience! (more…)