Living in Ardmuir Trinity Court

Situated close to King Street, Ardmuir Trinity Court is the closest RGU accommodation site to beautiful Old Aberdeen. It is a prime location for students with lots to do within a short walking distance, while also being peaceful without the noise distractions of living in the city centre. Speaking from personal experience of living in both Ardmuir Trinity Court and other RGU accommodation, I have been able to appreciate and enjoy the many advantages of living here.


First of all, it must be said that everything you need as a student is within walking distance. There is a stop for the two main bus routes to the RGU campus only a minute walk away from your flat. This can also be handy as you can easily get the bus into the city centre if you don’t feel like the 15/20 minute walk. Likewise for food shopping, there is a Tesco Express two minutes away as well as a Morrisons supermarket just a short walk along King Street. I also sometimes walk 20 minutes to the Beach Boulevard Retail Park, where there are numerous larger shops like Asda, Aldi and Iceland (perfect for being a cheapskate student).


Just around the corner from Trinity Court is a well-known student bar called the Bobbin. It has a beer garden, hosts small events and shows sports on TV so is perfect to go for food or drinks without having to go into town. Another positive that I have found with living in Ardmuir is its proximity to Aberdeen beach. Since moving to Aberdeen I have always enjoyed going to Aberdeen beach, I feel it is unique and (in the right weather) is really impressive. While living in Ardmuir I went to the beach far more frequently as it is only a 5-10 minute walk, whereas living in the city centre makes this slightly more difficult. Even closer than the beach there are several fun things to do on your doorstep. Admuir lies on the same street Pittodrie football stadium, a golf course & driving range as well as Aberdeen Sport Village. Aberdeen Sports Village has world class sporting and gym facilities for almost any sport that you can think of – and it’s directly across the road from your flat.

Aberdeen beach

You will also find that the Ardmuir flats themselves are very nice to live in and have elements that make them far more favourable than the typical student halls. All flats only have 3 bedrooms – making it feel more like a private flat. I found that this made it a more relaxed place to live and was quiet so it was easy to get work done at all hours of the day. The rooms are modern and spacious and the kitchen/living room is really well equipped with washer/dryer and dishwasher, Both lifesavers…

I’d recommend living in Ardmuir Trinity Court to any student, it is in an area of the city where it is easy to be social while being quiet enough to study in peace. You are able to appreciate things like the beach and Old Aberdeen that student accommodation in the city centre doesn’t allow for as easily. The short walk into town is not bad at all, and you definitely get used to it! If not, you can more or less get the bus from your front door anyway.


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