My Journey To Aberdeen

My journey to Aberdeen started in 2015/2016. I went through the application process alongside visa interviews and was well on my way to the master’s program I had been accepted for. Luck and/or good fortune prevailed and I was granted a visa two days before I had to actually arrive in the city.


The next two days were packed with (excuse the lack of a better word) a lot of packing and running to and from ticketing offices to get the earliest flight possible. Last minute meet up with family and friends and I was on a plane onward bound for the UK. Stopping first in London and then onto Aberdeen. Upon exiting the plane and coming into the airport, I was first greeted by a student from RGU who very kindly gave me information about the city and the accommodation that I had to go to. After which I took my first steps into the (what I would eventually come to call) the chilly winds of Aberdeen and a climate far colder than anything I had experienced back home in Pakistan. Though I had been told via email correspondence that Aberdeen was indeed very cold, I don’t think I had ever mentally wrapped myself around exactly how cold it could be.


Though, I managed to make it to the campus and get settled into my accommodation and meet my flat mates. With whom I went to share many meals and quite a few experiences during my time there, but those are stories for another time.

The journey to the Granite City was probably one of my life’s mini adventures, from not knowing what to expect to just settling down into the city itself. The latter of which was probably the easiest to do, considering the city is so welcoming and RGU always being there to make sure I don’t have any issues during the process.


Now coming into June 2017, the journey has been quite an exciting one. Making new friends, meeting new people and an academic experience that has been very enriching. It was well worth the effort.


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