The Tour Series


The entire month of May saw the running of The 2017 Tour Series, bringing the UK’s biggest teams together and pitting them against each other in a variety of city centre criterium races.

The Tour Series sees the best riders in the UK travel to various venues across England and Scotland. The series started on May 9 2017 with Round 1 in Redditch, stopping in Aberdeen for Round 8 on May 25 2017. The series culminated in Round 10 held in Stevenage on May 29 2017; with whichever team managing to accumulate the shortest finishing times across each of the 10 rounds winning the crown of fastest in Britain.

It was the first time Aberdeen was hosting the Tour Series cycling event, which was to be broadcasted on ITV4. The event was described in the words of Aberdeen City Council Leader Councillor Jenny Laing as “The Tour Series is a unique team event where Britain’s top professional cycling teams battle it out at every round for the right to be crowned Britain’s top team. The races take place at ten venues across the UK during a three-week period and I am excited to give Scottish cycling fans the opportunity to see Britain’s top teams and riders competing here in Aberdeen”.

It was a chance for residents and visitors of Aberdeen to see top U.K. professional athletes compete on the home turf in the middle of the Granite City.

I was there to witness this laudable event, which is one of the perks of studying in a school like RGU located in such an amazing city Aberdeen. Coupled with the fact that Aberdeen is known as the oil capital of Europe, which is one of the factors that prompted me to choose it as a destination for my Masters course Energy management; it is also considered a great tourist destination because of events like this.

It was a perfect sunny day in Aberdeen, the city was transformed to befit such an amazing event. The event started with range of amateur races between 1pm and 6pm which saw active school Youth under 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, 16’s and seniors, before the corporate Challenge race.


The highlight of the event was the elite race featuring the men’s tour series that got underway by 7:30pm. The cyclists raced around the circuit from the start/finish line on Union Street, through Union Terrace, then turning right onto Rosemount viaduct- Schoolhill down Back Wynd, to meet on Union Street once again and doubling back at the Market street junction to head up Union street to race into the next lap. The race featured such elite riders as triple Olympic gold medallist, Ed Clancy and 2016 Ronde van Midden-Nederland winner, Chris Opie and over 80 other riders from seven pro teams fighting to win the Aberdeen stage of the UK-wide Tour Series.


It was an unbelievable crowd in Aberdeen as people came out in their multitudes to witness this amazing event.

Amidst the cheering of the terrific crowd and the lovely atmospheric conditions, the cyclists navigated runs of laps with amazing intrigues and techniques. It ended with Jack Campbell Pullar of the BIKE channel canyon team winning as an individual while JTL condor won as a team.


The presentation to winners followed suit by approximately 9:00pm and the JTL condor team was on the podium on union terrace to receive their awards to the admiration, applause and cheers from the crowd. I was elated to be part of the event myself.

The event was judged a roaring success by prominent journals like the Evening Express and the Press and Journal. It was indeed a memorable experience for those of us privileged to witness it. The event was widely reported in daily newspapers and journals.


This is the sort of extra attributes you get from studying in serene and buoyant locations like Aberdeen as I was opportune to see such great personalities like Ed Clancy, Chris Opie and Jack Campbell Pullar and other notable U.K. cyclists at no cost.

Ishola, Adekunle

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