My Unforgettable Experience in Aberdeen

Unforgettable! The song by French Montana ft. Swae Lee, is the song that keeps playing in my head while I write this. My experience so far in Aberdeen has been unforgettably blissful, with wonderful daily discoveries and I would like to share some with you. I will be taking you through major discoveries I have made in Aberdeen since I arrived from Lagos Nigeria, with pictorial evidence.

trip to african shop

I got into Aberdeen in the morning of September 23, 2016 with so much zeal and yearning. The trip to my apartment helped ease some tension, as RGU had arranged accommodation for me already in the city centre in Woolmanhill flats located on John Street.


After settling into my new apartment and unpacking my stuff, the first dilemma was what to eat. I left my room to go look for what to eat and in the kitchen. The cleaner and I got talking and she suggested I check out an African shop about a 7 minute walk from my room to see Nigerian foods and; to my amazement the shop was like a proper Ibo supermarket in Lagos with lots of Nigerian indigenous food stuff and even Agege bread.

I shopped that day as if I was at home and I got all I wanted, I returned to my flat to cook a vegetable soup with Eba. Of course, I enjoyed it.

course mates

The next day was a Saturday and I went out with a flatmate of mine Avto from Georgia. We instantly became friends. As he had been in Aberdeen for some weeks before I came, he showed me around and we ended up meeting my other course mates later that night even before school started the following Monday.

trip with course mates
School resumed in earnest and I settled in well as the school lined up different activities to get students settled in. Students studying my course (MSc. Energy Management) signed up for the energy institute. The institute took us places with a series of events that were inherently important in the energy industry and my course of study.

colin bell

I was also privileged to go on field excursions with my course mates to places such as the Maritime Museum to learn about the oil and gas history of Aberdeen. We were also at the Grampian energy centre where we saw a private company with a sustainable symbiotic mode of generating power that involves an agricultural farm feeding a methane power plant integrated with wind and solar renewable systems.


Alongside school I also get to chill out and have some fun. I went to pubs in Aberdeen to catch a glimpse of the nightlife.

I visited the famous Loch Ness in Inverness, it was in winter and it was really chilled. Getting to Loch Ness, I passed through Elgin & Inverness before ending up at the Urqhart Castle. It was a wonderful experience that leaves one’s mind pondering and questioning so many things in nature and the past.


I have been able to find time to visit Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven. It was heaven like and it is about the most beautiful discovery I have seen in Aberdeen. Thanks to my flatmate Senyo and his guest Junior for making the trip a memorable one. The experience was so much fun as well as relaxing. I have so much more to talk about in just about 4 hours of being there. It will be a story for another day.

dunnotar sign

My discoveries in Aberdeen wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my visit to the “H.M. Convict Prison, Peterhead“, which officially opened in 1888, now forms part of the Admiralty Gateway.

jackie stuart

What better way to learn than to visit and interact with guides in period costumes and see the cells and other key components of this complex that is known worldwide; with the “inside story” of those brave personnel that staffed the first convict prison in Scotland from August 1888 to December 2013.

I met the famous and legendary prison officer Jackie Stuart along with some wonderful people from RGU.

Catch me next time as I bring to you more of my interesting discoveries and experiences in Aberdeen!



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