Holi Festival

As an Indian student, I was keen to go along to the traditional Holi celebrations that took place in Aberdeen. Holi is a Hindu festival, known as the Festival of Colors, it falls on the last full moon day of the Hindu month of Phalgun: around late March or April. This festival is meant to symbolize the triumph of good over evil. It’s not India’s biggest festival, but it’s the most colorful — and probably the one most beloved across the globe.
Originating from India, Holi festival is a huge celebration that brings communities together. It represents a celebration of life, laughter and love. Holi celebrations is an opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones to make some great memories.


It was not just students but people of all ethnic origins and nationalities joined on Sunday morning to celebrate, to our luck it was a sunny day. It was a pleasure seeing almost everyone decked out in white attire. It was a dynamic and energetic atmosphere with everyone dancing to Bollywood music. Everyone enjoyed themselves with a wonderful dispersion of vibrant colors in the air. From kids to the elderly, everyone was completely drenched with colors.


A Punjabi band was playing at this carnival. Their music attracted everyone to tap their feet along!! However, I was delighted to see the fusion of Indian Punjabi music along with Scottish Bagpiper. It was the highlight of the day!!  And the food. How can we forget the food? Holi themed traditional snacks be it the gujiya, besan ka ladoo or pakoras, all the delicious food was available outside the venue at various stalls.

By end of the afternoon, people were covered up with various shades of colors and were indistinguishable. Festivals are all about togetherness and a sense of belonging. Holi is more of a festival that is made by the people one is celebrating with. Traditional sweets and intoxicating music coupled with multicoloured faces of my friends were fun!! I would not say that I did not miss home but the feeling of welcoming and loving atmosphere did make my day.

Other than Holi there are various intercultural events organized in the city which bring people together not only from similar cultures but from all parts of the world. It has helped me explore different and beautiful cultures. These events and exposure to various cultural backgrounds make studying at RGU a truly amazing experience.


Neha Porwal

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