Commuting to University

I have been commuting throughout my entire experience of higher education. It has it’s up and its downs sometimes. I would like to give you a bit of insight if you are within travelling distance from RGU and are undecided about whether you want to commute or move to the city. Here are some of my pros and cons of commuting to uni:

There are definitely more pros than cons for me when it comes to commuting just because it fits in with my lifestyle.



I’m saving

My main goal for staying at home was to save money! I have found that I have been able to save money for when I am finished uni which will enable me to get my own flat. This is the biggest pro for me as it really shows the benefits of staying at home. I also pay a lot less each month for travel than what it would be for rent.

Travelling with friends

More often than not I travel in with friends so I have company on the way in and out. All of my uni friends also commute and they are from opposite ends of Aberdeenshire.


I make the most of my commute

Having this spare time means I can study on the bus and use the time to do tasks for uni that means I will have free time for when I arrive home.

I can relax

Usually, once I have got a seat on the bus I can relax and collect my thoughts about the day and organise myself instead of rushing about worried if I am going to make class.


They say when you go to uni and stay in halls you meet new people, which is true! However I have been able to stay in touch and see old friends along with meeting new ones.



I would say that the obvious reason of having a flat is becoming more independent, however I am already independent. I definitely don’t feel as though I need to move just because it is the next stage in life, I will eventually but for right now it seems like the best plan for me.


Aberdeen is fairly close to where I live and I am there regularly anyway so it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to move anyway.

There are a few cons of commuting, they aren’t drastic but they are definitely worth thinking about!


Early mornings

It’s not great getting up 3 hours before you need to start class, there are some mornings I seriously struggle and quickly contemplate locking myself in my room for an eternity. However once you are up and about you’re fine and the journey tends to help wake you up.

Late buses

There will be mornings where the bus is late, this is the worst part of travelling for me because it throws off your morning. Planning ahead is a must so if you have something important on, I would arrange a lift or catch an earlier bus that even if that is late, you will still get in on time.

planning commute

Time Consuming

Commuting can take up most of your day depending on where you live. It usually takes 4 hours out of my day going back and forth to RGU. I have two buses to catch, one to get me in to Aberdeen and one to get me to uni, most of the time they would not connect together smoothly and I am either running after a bus or waiting ages for the next one.


Luckily for me I am the first stop at both ends so I am guaranteed travel, however if the bus is full by your stop you’ll have to wait for the next one as they can’t let you on because of health and safety reasons.

There are loads of travelling options whether it’s by car, train or bus you can always get student discount on public transport, the first bus 1 & 2 give students discount and it is £3.50 for a day ticket. However you may find that student accommodation and lifestyle is much better suited to you and that’s great too!

Katie x


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  2. Hoping to come to RGU next year and will be commuting from Dundee everyday as I have a young family I can’t uproot. Your article has been an interesting read for me and making the commute seem less hassle than I originally thought.


    1. Hi Caroline, I am glad to hear that it was of some help to you 🙂 I look forward to seeing you on campus!


    2. Hi Caroline, I’m in the same boat as you! Course stats in the next few weeks and beginning to worry about the best way to travel. How are you planning on travelling?



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