Doric phrases you need to know

The term ‘Doric’ is thought to come from the Greek for ‘rural’ or ‘rustic’ perhaps due to its strong associations with the farming and fishing communities of the region. As a local it has never really occurred  me that the doric langauge was that confusing to other people. For non locals it may be quite daunting having to work out what doric spoken people are saying. Here is a small summary of some dialect you need to know!

The basics

  • AYE / Nae –  yes / no
  • Ken – know (I dina ken / I don’t know)
  • Fit lyk? – How are you? / How you doing? A common saying instead of hello.
  • Bosie – This has to be a favourite of mine. If you’re feeling down, celebrating your last exam or meeting old friends your bound to need a bosie. A bosie is a hug here in Aberdeenshire. It’s a cure all and a comfort.

The ‘F’ word

  • Far – Where
  • Fit – What
  • Fan – When
  • Foo – How
  • Fa – Who


The people

  • Mannie – Man
  • Wifey – Woman
  • Quine – Girl
  • Loon – Boy
  • Bairns – Kids
  • Lad – Boyfriend
  • Blon – Girlfriend
  • Toonser – Lives in the city
  • Teuchter – Lives in the countryside


  • Fine – Good
  • Rare – Great
  • Scunnered – Fed up
  • Knackered – Sleepy
  • Glaikit – Silly
  • Minging – Awful / not appealing
  • Feart – scared
  • Greetin/peekin – Crying
  • Bonnie – Beautiful
  • Bleezin – extremely drunk


Our Food

  • Cappie – Icecream cone
  • Neeps and tatties – Turnips and potatoes
  • Fly cup – Cup of tea
  • Buttery – Breakfast pastry
  • Chipper – Chip shop
  • Funcy / fine piece – Fancy cake or nice biscuit

Our weather

  • Roastin / Hate– very hot
  • Dreich – Dull and Damp
  • Howlin Gale – Windy
  • Affa Cal – Very cold


There you have it! Just memorise these words and you have the basics of the Doric language 🙂

Take a look at our website for some more doric phrases and sayings!

Katie x


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