Month: May 2017

Road trip to Peterhead and Newburgh

It was a Friday and one of my friends was leaving town on Sunday morning to pursue new opportunities in his career. I had met him in Aberdeen at Robert Gordon University. As a farewell, we thought to go on a road trip. Aberdeen city is surrounded by a lot of beautiful places which are in close vicinity. Due to our interest in history, we thought to take a road trip to Peterhead. It is almost an hour drive from Aberdeen. (more…)

Nursing Abroad: My Erasmus Experience

I have recently returned from an adventure that has greatly impacted upon both my personal and professional development; Erasmus. (more…)

What to expect when preparing for the Gray’s Degree Show

The Degree show is like the Pre-Degree show where you show your work in a large space, however, this time you have more say in what happens with your work. You will sign yourself up for a group meeting with the head of your course so they can explain what will happen in the next two months. (more…)

A weekend in Aberdeen

It’s the weekend and you are probably looking for something to do, something a little different maybe? You’ve already been to the cinema, you don’t fancy shopping and the weather’s just not right for the beach. I have a few alternatives for you on how to spend a weekend in Aberdeen. (more…)

Commuting to University

I have been commuting throughout my entire experience of higher education. It has it’s up and its downs sometimes. I would like to give you a bit of insight if you are within travelling distance from RGU and are undecided about whether you want to commute or move to the city. Here are some of my pros and cons of commuting to uni: (more…)

Doric phrases you need to know

The term ‘Doric’ is thought to come from the Greek for ‘rural’ or ‘rustic’ perhaps due to its strong associations with the farming and fishing communities of the region. As a local it has never really occurred  me that the doric langauge was that confusing to other people. For non locals it may be quite daunting having to work out what doric spoken people are saying. Here is a small summary of some dialect you need to know! (more…)

Look Again @ Garthdee Campus

The Look Again Festival returned last week for the third year running. Unique from previous years, this festival began with Look Again @ Garthdee Campus, with things like exhibitions, talks, workshops and more going on around the University. (more…)