6 months into my placement

It has now been 6 months since I began my placement with the RGU Marketing team, I can hardly believe it! It feels like just yesterday I was writing about my experience three months in.Within that time there have been a lot of changes and developments for my role. I have recently become much more active with the social media aspect of the job. I manage Facebook and LinkedIn for the University along with the Business and Law Twitter. This is really interesting as you are communicating with such a variety of people on a day to day basis. I get to read and post new stories every day which means I am clued up on all that is going on within our University, let me tell you it’s a lot! It is my responsibility to make sure you guys know as much as possible.


I still edit the weekly Bulletin which goes out to staff and students, along with the RGU Student Blog. I have been doing this since the start so I am now in a good rhythm with what should be posted and when. I have also enjoyed meeting new people through these platforms. It’s so funny seeing people behind the emails when you finally get to meet them you feel like you already know them!

I have recently helped to put together the latest School of Creative and Cultural Business Newsletter. It was a really good project for me as it showed me how much work and organisation goes into developing promotional literature for the university. I loved working with my colleagues when putting this together. Everyone was super helpful and the help spanned from Academics, Students, The Gatehouse to the Mailroom. One of my colleagues from marketing, Shade was there to help me through the process and to also put it all together. I am really happy with how the Newsletter turned out and I’m quite proud of my achievement.


I am involved in weekly meetings with the communications and marketing team to create communication plans for the university. This has been a valuable experience for me as I am becoming more experienced with scheduling and coordinating content for specific audiences.


I was also involved in a recent campaign for Scotland Welcomes the World which is led by Universities Scotland to promote Scotland as a diverse, multicultural and inclusive country which values its international students and wider community. It celebrates the European and international staff and students that are already part of Scotland’s HE community, sharing a message of welcome with the rest of the world which I was part of! I was invited to speak on behalf of RGU to talk about my experience with international students at university. This experience was bizarre as I began to see the footage popping up on social media with my friends tagging me in video, which doesn’t happen every day. It was a great experience overall and was a good opportunity to network with the companies involved.


I have taken part in both Open Days and Applicant Days this past 6 months. They have been a great opportunities to get experience with events and meet our current and potential students. It showed me how much organisation goes into these events and how much work the university does to make our visitors feel welcome within the university.


Since the beginning of the year I have been involved in the What’s Next campaign. I have been tasked with creating the content plan for the campaign along with scheduling social media posts and blogs for the campaign. I attend monthly meetings with Chloe from the Careers and Employability Centre along with my manager Sean to discuss updates. It has been really interesting to be involved with this area of the university. I think the What’s Next campaign is really useful for our 4th year and postgraduate students.


I know this seems like a lot in the last 3 months but it’s honestly been the best experience so far! Time flies in at work as we are always busy working towards something. I get on so well with my colleagues and we have a great laugh. I hope the next 6 months don’t go as quick as the first.


Katie x

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