Introducing Inga

Hello my dears!

Am I the only one who thinks that beginnings are quite uncomfortable? Although very beautiful and magical at the same time, simply because they represent new experience, embody new choices and are very thrilling as you have literally no clue what is going to happen!



This is, indeed, my first article for the RGU student blog and you know nothing about me so far so let’s talk about myself! To begin with, I’ve decided that I would speak to you about beginnings and commencements.

My name is Inga and I’m a twenty year old first year student doing BA (Hons) journalism. Also, I’m from outside the UK, born in Poland, so please bear with my English as I’m aware it’s not perfect, YET! I feel like all international students, whose English is not a first language, will agree with me when I say that the greatest struggle for us is to start thinking like English-speaking people. What I mean by this is that there are thousands of words and phrases we simply need to learn by heart, but I feel like some things that we try to express just make sense in our native language while in English they are nonsense. Am I right?


Because this particular post is introductory, I would like to begin with introducing  my course. For some people journalism is very important because they read news every day, regardless if it’s a magazine, newspaper or online. As an alternative, they may listen to a radio or TV.  When I think of journalism I see hardworking people who spread truth, do it with passion and desire but also think straight. I have always been curious about the world, people and their cultures, languages and traditions. I have always wanted to discover! I have decided to study journalism for several of reasons, to learn how to professionally present to the wider public what the other side of the globe looks like, and I will stress it again, to discover!


Obviously, the journalism course covers various aspect of the profession, and to become a real journalist you need to be able to operate within different areas and fields of it. That is why, if you are thinking about studying journalism, I highly recommend choosing RGU. It has been ranked the best Scottish University in relation to journalism and the Second Best University in the UK lately in the Guardian University Guide 2017. But trust me, it is not only a dab hand at this particular course! There are many more courses and loads more things you can benefit from while studying with RGU. And I assure you that it does not matter where you are from, it does not matter how old you are, and whether you like pink over blue. At RGU everyone is equal and respectful! Everyone is helpful and ready to provide you with advice if needed.

If you want to find out more about RGU and living in Aberdeen, stay updated! There is much more to come!




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