Interview Nerves

So you’ve worked hard on perfecting your CV and application form and now you’ve succeeded in getting your first graduate job interview!  Well done! Of course, for most of us this is the most nerve-wracking part of the recruitment process. 

Most people dread job interviews, however, if you approach it in the right way and plan ahead, you can reduce your anxiety about it and be successful. Here are some tips on how to curb interview nerves!


Be prepared

If it is possible try to get your interview arranged in the morning. That way you will not have to spend the whole day thinking and worrying about it!

Being prepared is the best way to ensure you go into the interview feeling confident. You should find out about the company you have applied to for instance, what is their vision? What do they do? What is the culture of the organisation and the kind of people who work there? You can use this information, as well as the job description and person specification, to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a suitable candidate when you answer their questions.

Before the interview think about the questions you may be asked so prepare and practice your answers. Consider what questions you might want to ask the interviewer as well.


Managing stress

Tackle stress for an interview by getting a good night’s sleep so you feel alert on the day of the interview. Set out your interview clothes in advance too and polish your shoes before having a quiet evening and maybe an early night.  This Guardian article has some alternative ideas about how to calm yourself before an interview – take a look, it might work for you!

Once you arrive at the interview, even if you’re not feeling too confident, try to act confidently. Some people find that spending a few minutes before they go into an interview practising mindful breathing helps them stay calm.

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Body Language

Think about your body language during the interview, give a good firm positive (but not bone crushing!) handshake, look your interviewer in the eye, sit up straight in your chair and smile!



Try not to worry, relax and be yourself. Remember a job interview is also about you seeing if you like the company and the job role as it is for them to see if they like you. Good luck!

For our current students 

You should take a look at the Careers and Employability Centre’s toolkit on campus moodle. Here you will be able to access all sorts of materials to help you with your interview nerves. You can also arrange a visit with a consultant in careers for a mock interview. For stress the RGU Student Counselling and Wellbeing Centre can help you to deal with stress and you can access their resources online.

Fiona Kennedy

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