How to deal with Homesickness

Ever since I have left my country, visits back have gradually decreased. There have been periods of 6 months of not seeing friends and family from home. But regardless of how long you need to wait till you go home, it will always feel like a stretch. Some periods of time are worse than others, however, after being in Scotland for over two years now, I’d like to share some things I do to avoid feeling as homesick.

  • The first thing that is probably the most obvious is to Skype people from home. Sometimes, I find myself caught up with university work, my part-time job and my social life. So I like to try schedule in a call with my family and friends so I keep in touch and also help myself from missing them too much. Obviously messaging them also helps, but I feel like a video call is much better. There are obviously times when you want to quickly pick up the phone and call someone from home, which is fine!


  • The second thing is to plan your visits! Try book your next flight home as soon as you return from one, that way you can have a countdown for when you will next be seeing all your loved ones. Another tip is to try to convince people to come and visit you, at the end of the day, Scotland is such a beautiful country. You can easily entice people to come and see the beautiful scenery and you can be their own personal tour guide. With people coming up to see you and you knowing when you will be going home next, you can keep your mind distracted.
  • The third tip: get someone from home to send you a ‘care package’. I like to ask my mum to send me a couple of snacks from back home that I can’t get here. This can be personalised with loads of different things and hopefully a small note from the sender which will brighten up your day. My personal favourite is a drink from home called “Kinnie” which I try to stock up on, and whenever I am feeling homesick, I allow myself to have one of the drinks – and it does help make you feel a bit better!


  • The final tip is to keep busy. If you’re off university for a week or two make sure you set yourself a plan of things to do such as meeting friends, cooking, going to gym and studying of course! Having someone to talk to also helps, preferably someone who knows what you are going through too. For me the hardest period of time was last Summer as I spent most of it here and the Scottish summer is very different to what I am used to.

If you have any other tips to keep homesickness at bay, let me know below!

Petra x

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