What am I preparing for the Pre-Degree Show of fourth year Contemporary Art Practice?

Since third year I have been taking Polaroid photographs of myself to prepare for my fourth year degree show. Sometimes I would take breaks from this project but I would always go back to it. In the morning, I would wake up, reach for my Fuji Instax camera and take my photograph before even looking in the mirror. I would do the same thing before going to bed at night. Each time I would not adjust how I look or pose but just simply look at the camera. Each photograph is of raw emotion and documents the changes in myself.

Grays board

This project started when I came across the artist Emily Knecht. Her project Feelings, a series of photographs containing Emily Knecht herself crying, intrigued me.  I decided to mirror this project but only take photographs on my Fuji Instax camera as I wanted the photographs to be unedited.  After a while I started to take one in the morning and one at night.

Surprisingly, you could see that I had changed from morning to night. I did alter my look by styling my hair and putting on makeup but you could see how I felt by my expressions. You could tell when I was tired, happy or that I was having a terrible day.


Slowly I filled up space on my wall at Grays with my photos and people would just look at them and say it is like seeing a completely different person in each photograph. I have seen myself grow in each of them and feel completely different from when I first began. I have changed my hair colour multiple times. My face has matured from when I first started the photographs back when I was 19. I am now 21. I can even tell that my style has changed. It has felt like a therapeutic project and I am now willing to put those photographs out there. I am no longer going to limit them to my studio wall or in a drawer.


I have planned to scatter them around Gray’s School of Art and see how people react to them. I will also be taking a digital version of this series of photographs which I will be able to enlarge but I don’t want to edit them. The pre-degree show will hold my unedited photographs of raw emotion and order.

I hope to see you at both the Pre-Degree Show and the Degree Show. The Pre-Degree Show will be open from Friday the 31st of March at 6pm at The Hatch, Belmont street in Aberdeen and will run until the 6th of April. The Pre-Degree Show is a small glimpse into the variety of practices developing from the emerging artists, in Contemporary Art Practice fourth year course, in the run up to the Degree Show 2017.


Rebekah 🙂

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