My First Placement as a midwifery student

It’s been nearly 2 months since I started the first clinical placement of my midwifery course, and 5 months since I started university. Looking back on my first day and how nervous I was, compared to where I am now, I feel as though I have grown and learned so much.

University wasn’t what I expected it to be, but in a good way. It’s bigger, busier and there’s more work than I thought, but I love it. In just a short space of time I have met some amazing people, studied for an exam, assisted with an RGU open day, and put my clinical skills into practice on placement.


Placement at Raigmore Hospital and Dr. Gray’s Hospital have been the best experiences. All of the midwives I have worked with have been fantastic and made me feel so welcome. My mentors have taught me a lot about individualised care for each woman, and helped me to enhance my skills. In January this year I worked in the maternity ward of Raigmore, caring for both pregnant women and those who had just given birth. My responsibilities were those of general maternal observations such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature etc, attaching CTG’s to monitor foetal heart rate and movements, assisting breastfeeding mothers, giving babies their first baths and other varied procedures.


At Dr. Gray’s Hospital, in Elgin, I had a placement within the community, working at antenatal clinics and doing home visits. During clinics, we discuss birth and feeding plans with women, as well as available services to support them through their pregnancy. I was shown how to take bloods on placement, and have enhanced that skill with the help of my 2 fantastic mentors in Elgin. They have guided me through the past 4 weeks so well, bringing up my confidence as a student midwife and maturity as an individual. For my performance on this placement I was awarded a grade A, for which I was absolutely over the moon. I cannot thank them enough for all the support and effort they put into mentoring me.


I’m so grateful for the experiences that this course has allowed me, and look forward to those to come over the next 3 years. Although I have missed being at uni with my flatmates and course friends, it’s going to feel really strange not wearing a uniform or getting up so early every day when I go back to Aberdeen. The last 5 months have enabled me to learn more, not only about midwifery, but about the kind of midwife I want to be.

Emma x

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