My placement with Matrix

I’m Lauren, a third year Management with Marketing student at Robert Gordon University. At the start of February I began a 12 week part time placement with Matrix Risk Control as a marketing assistant. I had never heard of Matrix before and wasn’t completely sure what they actually did as this was a sector of business I didn’t even know existed.
On my first day I was initially nervous but everyone in the office was very welcoming and friendly. The office is a very relaxed working environment despite the nature of the work taking place here often being serious. Scott, the operations and assurance manager, is my workplace placement supervisor and has helped me settle in well. He made sure I was introduced to everyone, gave me a desk and a laptop and even set me up with access to the on-site gym.


Matrix are in the process of developing an exciting new product and my job is to help market this to the correct audience. I work closely with Clare, a freelance communications consultant. She doesn’t work in the office with me but she is always just an email or a phone call away if I need any help. It is a comfort to know there is someone I can turn to if I am struggling. She makes sure I have plenty of work to keep me busy each day I come into the office. The product is still in the development stage so I’m not able to share too many details about it yet. This is the first time I have been in a situation where I have been trusted with commercially sensitive information which is a big responsibility. The project so far has been mostly research based and has involved tasks such as collecting media packs from various publications. This is something I had previously done in my college course (Advertising and PR) a number of years ago, however it had only been for fictional coursework campaigns as opposed to a real campaign like I’m working on now.


Having the opportunity to take on a placement like this will be of huge benefit to me in the future. It is very interesting to see how the knowledge I’m gaining in university can be applied in the workplace. It will give me real life examples of the work I’ve done as opposed to just having the coursework I’ve completed in college and university. By the end of the placement I will have a lot more relevant, real life experience to add to my CV which will ultimately help me get a good job after graduating.

I am already 4 weeks into my placement and the time seems to be flying by. I am looking forward to putting the research into action, seeing the whole campaign come together and ultimately see the new product succeed.


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